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  1. Hello everyone! After long deliberation, I finally decided to kick off this discussion. It is in regards to something that I, and I hope a few others really hold dear, Aviation. I have created a rather long post/document detailing some aspects of how aviation usually is handled, but I believe it is better to keep it short and simple. So what I wish to discuss with everyone here is: How to create a more realistic and more enjoyable aviation experience on GTA:World I need to make a few things clear before we start this off however, and I would appreciate everyon
  2. Since I assume you are Ottra on Discord, I'll reiterate my points in a bit more depth as to why I feel that a military or even national guard/reservists corps are not necessary. The biggest issue with having a military or even paramilitary faction/organization most of the times are the issues of what to do in off-time. Which as far as this topic is concerned is most likely going to be 99.9% of the time, unless Los Santos suddenly gets hit by a CAT5 Hurricane. Unless people really fancy having drills day-in day-out or file paperwork regarding entry & exit of the facility. There
  3. Whether a vehicle is "better" at evading police or not should not influence the price. Going with this logic, motorcycles and scooters should be the most expensive vehicles to buy, since they virtually are unstoppable unless you gravely endanger the rider of one. Now the arguments for the classic versions of some cars, as the name indicates it's a classic and while it may not be an old timer my earlier argument for why these cars should be more expensive still is the most realistic approach. If you find a vehicle of an older generation that is highly sought after, you have to pay m
  4. Another issue with the valuation of cars, specifically in GTA, is the lack of distinct features one offers over another, aside from obvious characteristics such as top speed, acceleration and handling. For example, the lack of differentiation in sound systems, whether it has an AC and such. All these elements are something I consider before purchasing a car in real life. Does it feature automated AC or has a sunroof, etc. There are millions of features cars from reputed manufacturers offer, that are simply not as relevant in GTA as they are in real life. As Conway said too, the gen
  5. Marcus.

    PK and CK

    This is something I can come to terms with, though it needs to be more elaborate on certain parts. The main part I am looking at in this regard would be, shamefully enough, it is not always someone or barely ever someone with relatively low hours logged. The obvious rulebreakers perse are not the main issue, since they are easily dealt with and usually swiftly as well. It is those who do it through what some may call character development. It's the people who try and actually do, find loopholes and call it character development. Hence it must be the utmost priority to minimize the
  6. Marcus.

    PK and CK

    We agree that the status quo is far from perfect, indeed. We also are advocating different sides, I have always been on the legal side of things and know how to avoid trouble and have always put an emphasis on character development hence I am so attached to mine. It stems back from when I first created him, and the memories which are tied to it. I also bring up the examples or disagree with others because throughout my times in RP communities I basically have seen it all. I once too advocated an CK only system, though I have seen what it does and it is not fun to see a community fa
  7. Marcus.

    PK and CK

    I assure you it is not my intention to come across hostile, or even aggressive or attacking towards you. I have merely argued against your points. Though I will apologize if it came across as that, it was not my intention to attack you personally or act in hostility towards you. The only issue I have is with what you declare as a flaw of a player, when this sentiment is within humans to help others who seemingly are in need.
  8. Marcus.

    PK and CK

    Basically my previous posts summed up. Thank you. This is why I am advocating the middle ground perse, an every death is a CK scenario won't solve any of the issues we have right now, nor will remaining with the current one. You have two extremes colliding in this topic. Frankly speaking, there is no best way to solve the issue. To give any and all PKs more impact, whilst still retaining the option for permanent death. The solutions I can come up with would be a logistical nightmare for the staff team, and the other would be the "shotgun" method (aka if a player is PK'ed all their stats money,
  9. Marcus.

    PK and CK

    Please... You are calling something a flaw but seemingly don't understand it's definition. Every SINGLE human on EARTH has flaws. Some might pick up hitchhikers, others won't. Some make great friends out of these experiences, other's don't it's fine if a player decides they'd pick a random person up on the street, if they get into trouble they'll have to deal with the consequences one way or another. Plus hitchhikers barely ever exist anymore in the era of Uber, car-sharing and such. Uber literally is hitchhiker vers 2.0 and yes I do use that constantly. It's the same thing with Tinder
  10. Marcus.

    PK and CK

    Issues related to very certain parts of roleplay, basically the cops vs robbers aspect. You have these sort of people in the real world too, and as a matter of fact 95% of hitch hikers are not psychopaths who will murder you. Reasons why not every death should be a CK: - Sentimental value of the stories and character that has been created - This is and will always remain a game (escapism) - It has been tried on so many platforms GMOD, SA-MP, MTA, even WoW and has never worked properly - Stupidity of other players - "I don't give a shit" attitude of
  11. Interesting indeed, I might be able to contribute something to it. Though, I will have to read over it as a whole and see if some parts are already in place or not. Definitely a step forward regardless.
  12. For me it wasn't even about the police officers deciding the fine, that's definitely out of the question. It is more important to consider if these fines were to be implemented to which "bank account", I'll call it like that, go to. I.E. Police Officer John Doe arrests Jane Doe for Assault with a Deadly Weapon & First Degree Murder. The fines for these two charges are set as $50,000.00 each (hypothetically speaking of course) thus coming to a total of $100,000.00. Would these $100,000.00 go towards the LSPD's "bank account" and depending on how the script handles it maybe incr
  13. I have read the entire thread don't worry, otherwise I would have not voiced my opinion. Do I disagree with the statements made by the staff? Yes. I want you guys to enjoy the scenes too, but I have to agree with you I absolutely have misconstrued some of the points you and everyone raised here without fully considering the context they were written in mind with. However, I also hope you understand the point where I am coming from, that to some extend you can also dictate and write a scenario for other people and maybe get them to enjoy it more, even if its just a basic GSW. And yo
  14. All of your points? We do that already. The only time I ever see robomedic RP is when the injured player simply can't be bothered to roleplay, or doesnt answer us Regarding point 1 of the last quote. Nor have I the desire to diminish you to that. Regarding point 2 of the last quote. That should be followed up by administrative consequences, that is sub-par and unacceptable. Regarding point 3 of the last quote. Liaise with PD Staff Officers or Faction Management and have that sorted out. I personally have always enjoyed roleplaying with FD as police officer previous
  15. I don't understand how you come to the conclusion that I was saying emergency services in real life do not have guidelines to follow. I am merely coming in from an outsider point of view and thinking to myself, and articulating it in written form here, that instead of blaming the players with accusations, which may or may not be true (truth be told I believe you and Fragg that it is a common occurrence). Though the attitude or at least the felt attitude from multiple FD staff here is, we can't be bothered because ninety some percent of the cases we deal with suck, thus the rest wel
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