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  1. yeeeeeee buddy, grats homies @Pillsbury / @jesscatXD / @Jax and of course everyone else as well
  2. Congrats to my man @Sharvit and everyone else as well!
  3. Great job to everyone involved in this project.
  4. I wanna give a shoutout to @Bombie. Always willing to help me out when I'm unsure on some things and need to sort some things out. Appreciate you, man.
  5. I appreciate the replies everyone has given so far in this thread. Everything you guys have said is definitely being taken seriously and will only help us achieve the LSFD we envision. That would be cool to have for sure! I will have to look into it and see if it's something we can get started.
  6. As for 10 default animations, I think they should be very basic emotes that most people would use (especially since they'll be tailored towards new players). I'd say these: /anim sit /anim sitground /anim lean /anim liedown1 /anim point /anim checkbody1 /anim leanrail /anim standbar /anim beerhold /anim partydance
  7. Yeah. As people previously said, that temperature range isn't something to really worry about.
  8. Original legal faction thread name hype Hello guys, I know some (most) of you may not know who I am, so allow me to introduce myself: I'm currently the faction leader of the Los Santos Fire Department (Fire Chief Hunter). Ever since taking on the role around December of last year, we have been trying our hardest to get faction to the point where it needs to be and offer the community a quality fire department. Of course we still have more work to do, but I feel we have greatly improved recently. We're making this thread to get feedback from the community on
  9. https://ucp.gta.world/ - Go here Click your profile name at the top right and then go to "My Profile." Click on the "Server Record" tab.
  10. Congrats everyone. Happy for Sharvit. Well deserved.
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