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  1. Yeah Monty for sure not so much Hextall lol. Was that Josh?
  2. /me pulls gun from sock. lol I remember when you first started on Fort Carson RP
  3. Wow. Can't believe I found myself in one of these. I was John Williams and that was 2012-2013. Hell, I was in middle school. I actually remember when you came back and began leading the faction again. All I can remember is people were terrified and you were in a TS people where people had to prove that they could update during a pursuit lol. And you ripped most people to shreds. @Paul0715was a commander or whatever the rank was for a while during those days. I also remember I ratted someone out ICly and their entire friend group got pissed at me OOCly to the point where they wouldn
  4. H0uston


    nice job nicky L&A
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