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  1. Santos _

    Buff SMG

    Definitely, SMG needs a slight buff - it’s just not usable currently much.
  2. Name: G.Lopez Comment: Amazing service, kudos for Ella, she knows the drill. Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. Selling a medium-sized house on Jamestown Street in Rancho. There are two bedrooms, a medium-sized garden, and a garage in the backyard. 225,000$ is the asking price. Pictures:
  4. Game wiv metro k9 game on, keep it up
  5. I hope you bought a t-shirt with “Officer Lopez” on top? 😉
  6. Sheeeesh policing hood inabit
  7. This thread didn't last long...
  8. Sheeesh, gj - bring it on
  9. Looking to buy a house in South LS (Davis, Strawberry etc.) Contact me #2501 ((Forum PMs)) with the offers.
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