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  1. I offer the starting bid for this property.
  2. Is the Dinka TT still for sale? If so, I'll offer buyout.
  3. (( My bad, but I didn't realise your bid, never got a notification. The property is sold and the listing can be archived. ))
  4. For sale is a cosy apartment on Occupation Avenue in Alta. It contains a lounge, kitchen and dining area as well as two bedrooms and a bathroom. Dedicated parking is available at the side of the building. The starting price for this property is $105,000 with a buyout at $160,000. Bids must be increased by $5,000 at a time. ((MP $105 000 FV $0 )) Images are attached below. (( https://imgur.com/a/bGKaM1d ))
  5. Previously used for rally and therefore is tuned to accomodate for that. Full tuning on engine and transmission. Nitro included as well as Locks upgraded to Level 2. The vehicle is registered but NOT INSURED. I am asking for $160,000 but I'm open to negotiation. SOLD! Contact: 441-6224 (SMS) or leave a reply.
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