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  1. Yeah with the low amount of real estate available in the county I thought a designated place for me to put a camper would be a solution. But I'm not entirely set on it.. really depends on how I can picture it working out in the end. Thanks! Yeah for sure, I wasn't really planning on putting it up city side anyway!
  2. So I could technically set up camp on any parking lot or something that I'd like that isn't part of someone's property?
  3. Hey there, I was wondering what the laws surrounding the usage of RV's are. I'm planning to make some sort of come back after inactivity and would like to incorporate the whole idea of mobile living into it. Are there any laws prohibiting an RV being your primary place of residence? Are there laws against parking it in certain area's? And what's the script support surrounding it. Like can you set up a small little camping place with some chairs or is that impossible at the moment?
  4. Bas

    SOLD L&A Please

    I'll take it for 80
  5. Bas

    209 Cougar Avenue

    ((Wrong topic, my bad))
  6. Bas

    [4SALE] Vapid Benson

    Mule has been sold, Benson's price has been lowered.
  7. Bas

    [4SALE] Vapid Benson

    Deal, contact me on #9595
  8. As the title says, Both of the vehicles are stock the benson having about 230 miles on the clock and the Mule has around 160 on the clock. Mule: 40.000$ Benson: 85.000$ ((Pictures will be added later, currently not home))
  9. Only up for trade or are you also willing to part for it for a cash offer?
  10. I'm just making an assumption here, but since fires that have to be requested are often involved in some kind of crime scenario, I guess it would be a safe way to completely dispose of evidence by just making sure no sufficient amount of FD is available to perhaps still preserve a part of it. I guess that's the thought process behind it if I had to guess.
  11. I'd have to assume that this is the case because you can't just assume enough people will respond to a pager to service the call, plus it's hard to determine how busy it still was at the time for FD. I can imagine that if there's only two people on duty and they're running from medical to medical there's hardly any room for a scene like this as fires quite often require a substantial response and take at the very least 30 minutes to an hour to conclude effectively starving the rest of the server for a response.
  12. I'll take the mule and the benson for 155 aka the buyout price.
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