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  1. This shits a total loss lmao, can offer $81,001 for how it sits right now.
  2. I'll tell you this right away, as a member of the LSPD — Police & Sheriffs have strictly regulated policies and methods of minimizing the usage of third-party VOIP software such as TeamSpeak3. This has been a point of discussion in the past, from both players outside of the LSPD and members within itself of the LSPD. We're only given the privilege of using in-character communications in our "Total Access Channels" otherwise known as TAC. In these channels, members of the faction follow a strict set of guidelines of how they articulate themselves, the information they provide and the efforts of how they coordinate backup (for vehicular pursuits, shots fired, flying helicopters etc). Dismantling our ways of communications would not only make factions such as the Los Santos Police Department & Los Santos County Sheriffs Department role a lot more cumbersome, but even to the point of making it practically impossible to efficiently relay vital information over the air (radio) without spamming /r oFFICER needs HELP11! whilst getting shot at. May I add, that supervisors and faction leadership within their respective factions (LSPD / LSSD) have tirelessly micro-managed excessive chatter in said channels, and even so far as mandating strict policies of when one must ever consider pushing their "central" key which enables a broadcast to all users. The Los Santos Police Department Manual (3.8.4 / 4.20.1 & 4.20.2) cover said usage guidelines.
  3. I could most definitely side with this script suggestion, proving to be incredibly useful to both criminal and law-enforcement players. Perhaps finding use for fencing stolen phones to said specialists?
  4. following the man in tan
  5. What's on your radar now, you got anything planned forthcoming? Looking forwards to content, if you're making anymore.
  6. This is undoubtedly a really good read, keep up with the quality content.
  7. this is actually so underrated, keep it up bro
  8. shut up marksman ?? we need this for immersion also more mid range sedans pls https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ubermacht-sentinel-xs-4-door-add-on
  9. Hello I'd be interested, any chance of receiving pictures of the said vehicle?
  10. I'll take it off your hands, just give me a time and a place.
  11. Username: Blackburn Comment: I would be interested in this vehicle, I'll be messaging you privately.
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