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  1. @jesscatXD should have been a demotion tbh but congrats
  2. big mans finally getting his button gg bro u earned it 🥰
  3. Sorry your character took a poor career path, not everyone can be successful. Better luck next time!
  4. The servers economy, and real life’s economy aren’t 1:1. It never will be, it never has been. It’s been stated a million times. Instead of sitting around and complaining on this thread it’d probably be easier to realize from an IC perspective that anything other than weed, cocaine, and probably ecstasy will barely sell and be used. That’s the city we all ICly live in like it or not. Instead of trying to create some artificial demand to force your story of selling X drug here why not just come to the realization, as would happen IRL if a product wasn’t selling, that no one wants it and
  5. Omerta

    Long /me's

    hit me with the 250 char Epic Role Play boss
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