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  1. 𝓦 𝓮 𝓜 𝓸 𝓿 𝓮 ea3636f699566898e165c6d9bad0b68a.mp4
  2. Comments like this make me question if I’m even playing the same server as half of you.
  3. And as I stated before, it is being related to mechanics as people say that make too much money for the work they do. But yet in the same breath it is fine to make more money with less rp. Yes there is a great effect involved in it but there should also be an effort from both parties. That being the person getting the mapping itself and the mapper organizing the service itself. It already happens sometimes but as the OC is trying to imply, it should be normalized.
  4. Well, seems like everybody took this thread too seriously. The point the OP was trying to make is that construction companies would be a great addition to the server or more so normalized. Some of the best mappers on the server did just this (that being Tiddy and Y3) out of their own volition. Mind you, same people involved in big mapping projects such as The Richman Motel and Pillbox Medical. The problem is most people don’t do this. They arrange these projects by OOC means and complete them through OOC means as well. Yes, it’s dumb to rp /me throws plaster on the walls and lifts up a bed when your character is a 4’11 white woman but the reason why these are brought up is because truckers and yes…. MECHANICS are held to a standard regarding these. The argument of “well it’s in a different dimension than the public” doesn’t make much sense in the context of garages that sometimes have a private area for work to commence. Mechanics and Mappers go hand and hand of how their work is under appreciated yet if they weren’t around people would cry out. It’s not a problem when you tell a mechanic to rush out his work but it’s a problem when you ask for rp out of a mapper, that is the point the OC is trying to make. Some people might already do that, that’s good but the point is that it should be normalized. If you think this thread is discrediting mappers, I’ll give you a step by step process. Stand up from your desk, walk outside, place your palm out, then make sure all of your hand collides with the grass.
  5. Nobody should be complaining about fps problems if they have a 1060 or better with a decent cpu, it was your choice to run 4K coochie mods in your game. Also people saying the base game is already good enough is still living in 2013 and is actually playing this game on their Xbox 360. Modding capabilities have made it to where it can be even more closer to life but since somebody seemed to be more immersed only erping inside we don’t get the extensive change to the map. lol.
  6. This is inspiring, not only for roleplay in East LS area, but also in GTAW as a whole. Actually better yet, I strive to be like ATK in my day to day life. Bless up.
  7. Looking to sell my mint condition Vulcar Nebula. Car starts and runs, slight modifications done across the car. Car comes with the hood, I couldn't fit it on with the aftermarket turbo (swear it isn't from eBay) $80,000 No lowballs, I know what I have...
  9. NFSW Ad section is a good idea so the horny mfs will go on their own. But I will say sex store ads are not uncommon at all on the radio or TV. Source: I'm American Still good idea doe.
  10. illipino nation rise up
  11. I think most of that um... playerbase doesn’t have a forum account to represent themselves. Only gets made when they have to respond to a report. lol
  12. Pandamei

    L&A , SOLD

    5 Dollars and a copy of Kids Bop 13.
  13. what are you doing step-bro?
  14. Strengths: Coming up with concept Weaknesses: Never logging on and go on menyoo instead
  15. this how you know dudes only use Facebook when they complain about NFSW on Facebrowser... HAVE YOU BEEN ON TWITTER?
  16. As a dude that's been racing on this server for years, this is utterly useless and Anti-RP. Your main argument I've seen for this is "modern gps" when in reality most cars you see racing down even have GPS so your argument falls apart there. Simply just learn routes through an IC manner and you'll be fine, just like how it is in real life. This isn't Fast and Furious 4 or NFS where they pre-load routes onto a GPS, there is no GPS that will layout a circuit type track out for you. Simply put, it will make racing more of an arcadey experience and not a realistic one. GPS's aren't installed in a lot of cars that are out doing runs and a GPS wouldn't be able to calculate out a proper course like that. This just ain't it bro.
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