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  1. Show us the OOC stats please.
  2. Is it sold already? I'll give you 115,000$ for the house tonight.
  3. In case the other person changes their mind, I'll start the bid with 200,000$
  4. Are you willing to do business right now? I'll raise it to 68,000$ if we make the deal right now.
  5. Is it still available? Would offer 65,000$ right now.
  6. Selling my Ubermacht Oracle! Almost new and with great upgrades! Picture 1 Picture 2 Stats Starting bid: 80,000$ Buyout: 110,000$
  7. No thank you my man, I'm only selling it for 210,000$
  8. Apartment is still for sale. Only asking for 210,000$.
  9. That was me and I was RPing since the beginning, it was not because you called people out. But I understand that it cant get really messy when a working 24/7 is the only business requesting crates - most players roleplay /me's when they park their trucks but are not used to roleplay with employees and most of the time ignore them completely.
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