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  1. The whole meta is ruined to the point we might just call this Santos hold em Support
  2. Since last saturday roughly 1500 plants have been created, at top "level" of harvesting that's 45 kilos or weed ready to hit the streets provided all was harvested for weed and not seeds. This is clearly getting out of hand and rapidly. But hey, staff put it in place let's reap the rewards. 45 kilos has a street value of just below 7 million. Calculated at $150 a gram. 1500 seeds on ~ street value is 15 millions calculated at 10k/seed, 12 million at 8k/seed It's sad to see this happen but also amazing to see the greed that fuels this inevitable crash. In a few weeks time everyone and their friend will be buying kilos of weed for sub $100 just watch and the price will continue to go down until effectively the same greed that made the seed sellers quick money will fuck them and their customers over because the market will go stale because the supply simply is endless. Edit; if all 1500 gets harvested for seeds that 3000 seeds and at current value that's 30 millions lmao
  3. (( Are you trying to flip this for a profit? Max price for this place is $427,547+50k for bar script so $477,547- A new cheetah classic is 660,000 registered, unregistered 550,000. This place was sold 19 days ago and correct me if I'm wrong but it has never been opened since? Last ad log of the place from discord. ))
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