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  1. bring back dildos as melee weapons.
  2. Yall are in West Los, though. I'm also unsure why people keep trying to RP long beach (South East) gangs in what's supposed to be Venice Beach.
  3. Username: Concerned Citizen Comment: What's with these MS13 and their sudden hatred for air conditioners? I mean don't get me wrong i can definitely see where they're coming from in regards to that, as i'm not the biggest fan of Air Conditioners myself, mine always breaks and I have to get it repaired and cleaned out. But the MS13 have taken it too far with their tags that feature the words 'air conditioners' crossed out. I also witnessed several MS-13 affiliates viciously attack a young Asian kid, one of the MS13 associates in question shouted 'Fuck Air Conditioners' as he attempted to assault me too. I don't know what the air conditioners have done to MS13, but they're pissed. Maybe their air conditioners are broken, somebody should offer their services.
  4. best asian fac thats opened in a while
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