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  1. Yeah, I've played on a server a long time ago that had this system. I do agree that it is frustrating that people can speak 20 languages, so a system like this is probably worth putting in place. Or an alternative, much simpler system is to just have the system in place so that you can use /sb and you'd get a (Serbian) tag before your text which no-one can use except those with this language scriptwise. So while everyone can understand it, it still can't be used by anyone except those who actually "know" Serbian. That would make for a simpler script that is still of th
  2. It's allowed, whether or not it's poor roleplay is up to how you portray it. Generally, it's preferable if you do this when you're a low ranking officer or if you're roleplaying struggling with bills, which would be very hard if you're roleplaying a single male. I think a great way to portray this is if you roleplay having children or some type of responsibility that your character actually feels the need to pick a job on the side to make more money.
  3. I have come across pretty decent gangs. My suggestion to you is to check the Faction subforum and see what floats your boat, otherwise you'll come across some horrible people.
  4. It doesn't work out that way. If you report a stolen car then usually most you'll get is a BOLO, which is fair because most car thefts never last longer than two hours anyway. But from a more realistic standard, /reportstolencar is a far better option because it actually leaves that in the system temporarily until the owner cancels the report. I believe even PD has a command to check which cars are reported stolen, but I can't recall much, haven't played in a while.
  5. Used to have this issue. All you need to do is get in game and as soon as it says that you're connecting to the server then just press F10 or F11 can't remember, but your rockstar menu should pop open. Wait a minute or two then press F10/F11 again. After you do that, you should be connected to the server.
  6. I'm fairly certain that you'd get a message on your e-mail if someone's trying to breach into your Rockstar account.
  7. Why is it unrealistic? It's actually a lot better because when you call 911 then your car won't be ACTUALLY reported stolen scriptwise, but rather only RP wise. If a car gets stolen in the morning, let's say, and a few cops come online a couple hours later then they'd be able to figure that out without the need for any IC interaction. You can roleplay a 911 call that you're reporting your car as stolen and then it'd be forwarded to PD as a car theft report. Win-win, pretty realistic, you're simply jumping to conclusions needlessly. It helps PD know they're dealing with a stolen ve
  8. When I was running a Cartel on the server, most players in my faction were unable to speak English in-character. We had rules regarding this, and it was fairly simple. You can use one or two words in Spanish, but you can't use double language brackets. For example: You can say "Hola" in the chat, but you can't say "(Spanish) Hola" because it simply looked very off. As for accents, the best way to portray that is through the way you form text in-game and communicate with others. You can hint at it by saying your character comes from that place and that should generally b
  9. Re-install RageMP. I had a similar issue to this and it was the only viable solution.
  10. It may have something to do with the torso option as well.
  11. Your only option is a namechange. You may be liable for a free one if your name actually breaks the famous/troll name rule. Come to a conclusion with a management member.
  12. I believe there was a command which was /reportstolencar or something along the lines and it basically alerts all LSPD units that your car is stolen and even marks it on the MDC as stolen I think. After you retrieve it, you can cancel the report with another command.
  13. Kudos to you sir. Great tutorial.
  14. holy shit the music made me cry my ass back to 2012 OT tho: good luck to everyone w/ their submissions
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