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  1. Bro I'm getting the same error lol but I would've voted George Palamino...
  2. Don't worry, you're not alone. You're on GTAW.
  3. Current: Available for rent! 30k a week | 100k a month Contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  4. If you want to cut interactions with someone it should be IC. IC actions have IC consequences. Cutting interactions is 99% of the time caused by a war or conflict, and from what I've seen it's usually the instigator that first brings up cutting interactions. I can't count how many times TF has been pulled into a war by another faction, only for them to complain to admins and have interactions cut. If people RP'd fearing for their lives and their friend's lives, and feared powerful factions, nobody would have to cut interactions because they wouldn't get into conflicts they can't handle, and if they do, let them die. There's no reverse button in real life. Cut cutting interactions OOCly.
  5. Iker's long lost Tio... About time.
  6. Buyout - 10374210 available now.
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