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  1. Catch Magnolia at the Vinewood Bowl february 27th at 8PM Lyrics:im off these drugs might aswell fucking lace the shiti feel like im done breathin i aint with that shitima pull up to ur crib ima fuck and dipcause i dont love u i dont wanna commitno u dont love me cus i do not permit that shitima pull up to ur crib ima fuck and dipu see that im signed so u think that im richnow u wanna be in my phone my line u wanna hitbut im way too faded i cant pick up that shitalone in the crib with some shadows and they playing tricksmy mind been gone when she left it didnt help at allmy mind been gone feel
  2. Kaskafi


    how much a life worth?well to G6 its about 600 dollarshe skip the line they about to send him to the fucking doctorsG6 fake 12 acting like some mobstershold up let me ask u this just for startersu shot him bout an entrance fee u trigger happy fucklil bro a trackstar he was running circlesso u whip the strap out shot him 6 times like rehearsalsfuck G6 nah yall some fuckin criminalstook a life for what yall killed a man for nothingu approach me and ill get to fucking bussing-------then yall go ahead with a racist ass statementhe was black so what that dont mean he was a criminalRIP the dude who
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