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  1. *This would be a designer's profile, on a website offering various Freelance services, similar to Fiverr.com* graphic.design by William White About Placing an Order Portfolio (Click Bellow) ((Disclaimer: All the stock content used in our designs has been legally acquired, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations. It's important to note that the designs we provide during roleplay sessions are intended solely for use within the GTA World universe by the character who has made the purchase.))
  2. This post can finally be locked and archived. Thank you.
  3. Solid

    Need an advice

    That part where her dad comes and opens the door for you to reach his daughter is where you lost me. It would make a great manhwa book, but only with the right edit.
  4. SAMP: NG Gaming All about those golden rims, foo
  5. From a bit far, but I am in that picture.
  6. Government keeps sending me 500$ per hour cause I am awesome.
  7. Poster up, outside El Burro Heights 24/7 *A poster would be hanging on the wall outside the El Burron Heights 24/7 convenient store. Upon asking the clerk, you would receive information about two local women, mother and daughter, that they are looking to relocate to a different property, as the current one is too big for their needs and also looking to make some money out of this move. You could also find out that they seem to struggle financially after the sudden disappearance of the family's father. They offer the reasonable sum of $150.000 through the estate agents that would handle their house-swap but they are also open to talk.* ((Buying a house in El Burro for $150.000)) ((OOC NOTE We base our roleplay in the ‘El Burro Heights’ area, but we struggle to find any homes for our characters. So, I would like to purchase a property at a reasonable price. I will share that property with more players that deal with the same hardships of housing in El Burro. We need a property for exclusively RP reasons, as we will roleplay inside and outside of it actively and our plan is to develop our characters mainly around that area. Additionally I commit to keep that property only for the time that I actively roleplay in the area (my character’s lifespan) and sell it for its market price to the future residents of El Burro, after they provide evidence of actively roleplaying there. Thank you.))
  8. GTA Online still exists , also has a chat. I used to roleplay being a biker's girlfriend with a small group. It was fun until hit by an airstrike or an Oppressor. You can always give that a try.
  9. It looks good on paper, but map.gta.world makes me have a different opinion. Visit areas with no houses available like Sandy Shores, Paletto Bay, South East LS etc and check how much active roleplay you can find around those areas. Most of the players I roleplay with pretend to own a property in the area when in fact all our characters are homeless. Also it would be unrealistic for my character to be a mechanic or do logistics just to grind aimlessly for two to three months and then go back to what was doing before. Those changes would surely work in the past but with a playerbase of over 600 players they have a little impact. On top of that players now know exactly how long they need to AFK online just to maintain a house and flip it several months down the line. It was better before, because they would flip the houses sooner and you had more chances to get your hands on a property. Now you have to wait months for them to make a gain out of a flip. Meaning they occupy a property without actual roleplay around it for much longer. That's my view on it, the thread is called unpopular opinion after all.
  10. To prevent house flipping. Buy it from the market and sell it back to it. Prevent anyone from buying that property for about 6 hours to prevent anyone going there with a friend to sell and instantly buy. There would never be paperwork when you buy and sell to the market.
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