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  1. *The Summer-News.com website is not available.*
  2. Property sold to the highest bidder. (( Please Archive ))
  3. Offer noted. I will finalize this auction within one hour. Current bid: 62k
  4. I would like to thank the developers for the amazing work they did with the Camper and the Journey. Their interiors are realistic and enhance our role-playing experience. Since they made this possibly they could utilize those skills by providing one more interior for a more pricey vehicle(Boat) like Marquis. Personally, I would love to roleplay on a boat and scenes like sailing for days on the open sea. It could possibly serve as an alternative solution for a home. Real life interiors of similar boats:
  5. Selling - Room 15 in Dream View Motel. Market Price: $55.000 Starting Bid: $55.000 Buyout Price: $110.000 Contact me on 5026415 for more information.
  6. My worries come from my will to join this project, possibly as a student character. I invest a lot of time and effort into my characters and enjoy their development. I can see my character getting bullied and would consider this interesting roleplay, but I don't want to become a witness or any atrocious/offensive roleplay. If they indeed put a lot of effort into it, they should make it count. As you noticed in recent forum-reports, Nervous won't hesitate to shut down a group, once the shit hits the fan.
  7. I believe having a school faction is crucial and not irrelevant at all. It's perhaps the most important aspect, as it will bring the school members to the spotlight. If you are serious about this idea and it's not simply a side thing or a meme-zone for upcoming gangsters, you will make the effort to make this thing a faction. Otherwise, the whole thing will be uncontrollable, students will be able to join gangs simultaneously with joining the school. You need to make a faction so you can be transparent both towards the admin team and the community. Whom are you talking about? I will also bring to your attention the following thread.
  8. I am strongly against this idea. Illegal RP is generating daily Forum-Reports. Also many of the comments on this thread are discouraging. GTA World uses a video game as a platform and GTA attracts a lot of underage gamers. Kid characters portrayal is a hot topic nowadays, as both power-gaming behaviors and trolling were mentioned on recent reports. The last thing I want to see in this server is a school shooting. But I won't be all negative, I consider there are a few mature enough players among us that could bring such a project to life. I would support the idea only if the following terms would be considered: • The school would be a separate faction, not affiliated with any illegal RP group. • The faction would be managed by a level 2+ Admin, that would overseer the roleplay. • The school grounds would be a safe-zone and underage ERP/FTB will be dealt with a harsh punishment. • The school grounds would be government building, meaning that the PF and CCW rules would apply to it. • No players with admin history would be allowed to join this faction. • The creation of a separate forum group, visible to the community, for players to submit their applications. An OOC agreement to the faction rules should also take place within the application. • Lack of control by the faction's management and repeating forum reports towards it's members would be dealt with dismissal of the faction and seize of any roleplay from it's members.
  9. ((Please Archive))
  10. Interested in an Übermacht Rebla GTS! Any condition or mileage. Please call on 333-55555 or send me an email. ((Forum PM))
  11. User: SummerWaters® Profile Picture: Comment: Great googly moogly!
  12. I have been a member of this community for over a year now. I never had issues with an admin or any other staff member. I had some small issues with other players, but nothing major that couldn't be solved with a small conversation. My experience so far has been great and I cherish all those memories I built here. That for I am gonna list you a few tips, that I believe you will find helpful. 1: Value other players experience equally as yours. We are all investing time from our lives here, regardless if that time is many hours a week or just a few minutes a day. So regardless of your IC development, you should always stay polite OOCly, even if you come across a toxic person, getting on the same level won't make you better than them. Stay calm, stay polite and make known of their behaviour to the staff team, either by reporting in-game or by submitting a forum report thread. 2: Always stay in character and never mix IC with OOC. Separate your character from your real self, allow him/her to think in a different way than you. Allow your characters to make mistakes that you wouldn't do yourself in real life. Think of them as a completely separate being. We should neither portray ourselves nor embody their role as actors. Roleplay is often considered acting, but it's more like writing a story. We are witnessing the lives of our characters when their existence and personality come to life through interactions with others. 3: Your character should always think and act realistically always according to their experiences and development. Allow your characters to have fears and appreciate them as they can generate interesting roleplay. 4: Avoid bad examples. While I was new to this server, I tried my best to adapt in this new to me then environment. Many times I was acting like a chameleon, adapting to my surroundings and following examples that then I thought they were great. As time went by those examples were replaced by better ones and I discovered mistakes that I did before. It's not just the character stories we develop, but our roleplaying skills as well. 5: Take your time with everything and enjoy the journey. Driving from Los Santos to Paleto with 130mph in under a minute will give you a feeling that the map is small. Having a slower car or even driving slowly can make it feel like an actual journey. Enjoy the small details you will notice on the way or couple of songs you might hear on the radio. Make stops for rest or refreshments and toilet, or even have a conversation with the passengers of your vehicle Also, take your time with your character's development. The more you rush it, the sooner it will feel like a game over as grinding won't make you look cool. There is a lot more roleplay around a rusty emperor, without plates and broken engine, rather than any supercar. 6: Don't be afraid to say no when it comes to offensive RP. If it's not the development that you seek for your character, then you have every right to refuse any atrocious actions. Being a victim of rape, for example, would change your character's life forever. Realistically speaking it's very close to a CK, I don't think anyone would stay in the same area or even city after experiencing that. If you ever decide to be part of it, make sure it serves a better purpose other than a group of players laughing in voice chat in discord. Gang members here tend to have OOC connections with each other as they communicate with each other a lot over discord. While I was experiencing illegal roleplay, I realized that some players cannot exist as a unit and always seek to be part of a team or group. Finding a common target often helps them bond with the rest of the members and I am not willing to ruin my character's development just to serve as common ground between them. 7: Lastly, report the wrongs bit don't seek punishment. In-game reports and forum player reports should have an educational nature. Taking joy in someone's ban is sign of toxicity. Try always to bring the reported party to the right path and make them understand their wrongs. This is a growing community that welcomes new members every day, so it needs a lot of support. Report any wrong behaviors but don't be revengeful, so the community can grow larger and healthier.
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