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  1. I'd probs take 190 if today. Up 2 u.
  2. Not much to it, basically new but not my thing. Don't get me wrong, it's four door and fast. Performance package installed. Looking for 205,000$! [email protected] or call me on 9250! ((OOC))
  3. Hello! I'm selling this rare classic. Note : This is not a muscle car, it's a sports classic. VIN code around ~7K. Comes with modern security features and performance package (5,3L V8) from 1969! Asking for 220,000$ OBO. Contact me via email [email protected] or phone 9250.
  4. Exactly what that dude said!
  5. Same question. I had mine refunded but that guy somehow has theirs fully tuned. This need answers because i love the car itself.
  6. My offer stands for a limited time. Let me know ASAP.
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