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  1. Because you are looking at it from face value It can make a local scared of a certain area and avoid that place It can escalate into a beef between rival groups It can lead to arrests that LEO's handle It can lead to long-term criminal casefiles It can lead to a change in the composition of a street gang Hell an armed robber can end up going to jail and come out someone with numerous connections and increased status Yes a crappy robbery sucks and can kill the mood, I don't think anyone is looking to endorse that. It's a false equivalence.
  2. I'd rather be extorted by every single Armenian, Serbian, Italian, Russian, Croatian, Albanian, Korean, Chechen, Sureno, Hoover, Crip, Blood, Mongol, Wood, Aryan, the entire Black Muslim Contingent, and every person in an SD gang before I give in to government tyranny and put a single fire extinguisher in my property. That's a hill I will die on.
  3. The two are not mutually exclusive and LEO/Criminal RP tend to be the cornerstone of any roleplay community. A massive amount of this servers population relies on these two things. Again respectfully I cannot say the same thing about SFM. Now if you want to debate about the existence of these other things then that is fine but this is an opinion thread specifically designed for brash opinions, and my opinion is that the RP provided by SFM is not liked by the majority of the community, and I don't believe it's existence is justified as a government faction if so many players have problems with it.
  4. Respectfully, isn't this a clear indication that the player base is not interested in what the SFM is there to provide? Again my point was never that SFM is bad at roleplay or does not know what they are talking about, I'm saying business owners by in large are not interested in this type of RP, yet it is something they must contend with.
  5. I do know several business owners who failed to set up an inspection with SFM, and were given tickets. It's not hard to find these people. But again this is semantics, you are ignoring the main point. Idk how you managed to miss my first sentence in bolded letters, where I clearly stated that 15 fire extinguishers was an exaggeration. It seems you guys are more focused on discrediting the more irrelevant parts of my post than actually responding to my point.
  6. Obviously I was exaggerating a little with the 15 fire extinguishers, but you missed/ignored my main point, which is that this process is not fun. Yes I can't speak for everybody, I'm sure there are some people that enjoyed it, but every single business owner I have talked to did not like the extra hurdle to starting their business. I know of several people who just got fined right off the bat, who were just trying to start up some roleplay that entertains others. Yes that is anecdotal, but I'm willing to bet most business owners feel this way. I am not saying that SFM are bad people or bad roleplayers, Again, I'm saying that the process of opening up a business and having either SFM come to your door and slap a ticket in your mouth, or needing to go on their forums and go through bureaucratic hoops is just unenjoyable. Have you ever try to do something in your yard IRL, like building a shed for example? You need to read like 15 pages of bylaws, then you need to call inspectors over to check it out, just for them to tell you that your new shed it too close to the property line. It sucks, it's a pain, it takes time from your day, and it usually dips further into your pockets. We don't need to emulate every aspect of real life in this game. There's a reason we don't have to fill out real tax returns for our characters, because nobody would want that. Yes sometimes permits are necessary. I'm not complaining about PF and CCW permits because I believe having those hoops are necessary for server health, even though I don't know anyone that actually liked filling out the paperwork, hell I don't think the LSPD even likes filling out the paperwork, but they do it because it is necessary. If this was not the case the server would be a warzone, however this is not the case with businesses without inspections. I never went into a building and went "Golly gee, what a fire hazard!" I'm not bashing your roleplay, I'm saying I the process SFM has designed (If they are the ones that designed it) in regards to property checks is bad. I think it should be removed. These business owners are also here to have fun, not to get tickets.
  7. Because objectively some people don't know how to play the game.
  8. Going into peoples driveways and fining their legally parked cars with insurance violations while they are asleep makes you a clown, you're not providing them roleplay, you're just being a goon. Touch grass. Also, needing to call the fire Marshals when you open a businesses is an unenjoyable overly bureaucratic process. @ me if you actually had fun placing 15 fire extinguishers in your property, filling out a form, and waiting a week for these guys to show up. If Fire Marshals did not exist the server would be a better place. I'd pay taxes to not have Fire Marshals.
  9. Once I tried going onto a friends sailboat, I ended up seeing two women with big ding dongs trucking away at some 18 year old. I now go to therapy.
  10. As an American, this is very painful to read.
  11. For context before I start, I don't own a dealership, and I only drive "junky" cars worth less than 80k these days. I really have no stake in this. When I make a new character and want to get rid of my old car, I'm not worried about getting screwed out of 15k, I just want to get rid of the thing. Call me lazy for not being overly concerned about 15k of IC assets. On the other side of the coin, when I am trying to start a character, I would like to buy a busted up car that my new character realistically would have had for several years. Typically I don't want to talk to the dealer about cupholders for 25 minutes. If people enjoy that roleplay then great, they can go to your dealership and have a lovely time, power to them! What irks me is the fact that you spend an hour of your Sunday night bashing other players businesses (your direct competitors) while poorly pretending that you are not publicly putting them on blast. Then immediately afterwards bragging about how great your own company is. It's rude and insincere. If you put so much effort into your dealership then your competitors should be of little concern. You should use your dealership as an example to follow, not as an excuse to moan and complain about how much everyone else sucks. This gets the conversation nowhere.
  12. I tried to go onto my friends sailboat but I entered the wrong one which was left unlocked. I saw two women going to town on a "slave". I ALT-F4'ed and stopped playing for the week. Avoid the pink sailboats like the plague.
  13. We are on a roleplay server that is based on immersion. Seeing someone run up to me dressed like a clown is immersion breaking, and I know many players are unhappy about it. The server can only handle so many mods as is, so these dozens of pages of mods that players send have no bearing. Regardless the picture of modded clothing is only half of my point, which was on overall immersion and realism. To have such a personal response is disingenuous and as thoughtful as saying "Cry about it".
  14. This is what does it for me. This was his completed outfit that he walked out of the store with. I understand some visual mods but come on, how can I take anyone seriously when they constantly dress up for a chess tournament. I believe the state of the server will continue to decline if people can break others immersion for their own benefit. Now this is a broad statement because it includes anything from playing an unrealistic character that belongs in a movie, or for example only wearing clothes that you can see. Both of these things are detrimental to others roleplay.
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