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  1. As mentioned, I've done that numerous times and I'm looking for a more permenant fix. I had the issue yesterday where deleting the file and rejoining did not fix the issue. After a few relogs it started working again.
  2. In the last few days I've encountered persistent issues with server side shortcuts and binds. It seems that, without any rhyme or reason, various command keys like U (anim wheel), X (siren), or O (action wheel) will stop working. Sometimes restarting my game will work. On a few occasions I've had to go as far as to delete my client resources in the RAGE folder. The issue still occurs at random and I can't seem to find a permanent fix.
  3. If we had an actual hospital faction up and running them the hospital could worry about medical billing and such. I know OwlGaming had a hospital faction which handed out medical bills for care and the system seemed to work fine.
  4. The only problem I have with criminals using VOIP and RPing it as radios is the fact that the vast majority criminals are not carrying radios on them when they commit crimes irl. I actually can't even think of any high-profile crimes off the top of my head where the criminal(s) were reportedly using radios. Not to mention the fact if it was allowed, you would have to allow anybody to join those criminals voice chats because they likely do not even have the capability to encrypt their frequency, like government does. Giving them their own private VOIPs is essentially "encrypted" radio from an IC standpoint. At the end of the day, this has been an issue which has been discussed for literally years. I don't think I've ever been part of a role-play community that it didn't come up on. If people want to MG, they're going to find a way to do it. The hope is that those people can be tracked down and banned.
  5. SugarDavis

    Limit on age?

    16. A friend of mine in PD yesterday encountered someone RPing a 13 year old child prostitute. Not sure if it's just their back story or if some stuff actually occured. That shit needs to get shut down ASAP because the last thing this community needs is that kind of spotlight. It's also big retarded when you see someone who has the body of a 25 year old with their /examine saying they're 14. The only excuse I've seen people use to justify characters younger than 16 is "muh gang arr peeee".
  6. Ricer = people who do nothing but car RP and act like they're reliving fast and furious. Statwhore = Owl version of mallrat.
  7. Never found any joy from IC relationships. They always seem cringey to me. I have it written into my characters backstory that he has a wife (NPC). If the rules allowed it I'd make his wife an alt account. Aside from that I have no interest in doing family RP stuff.
  8. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    Wow, thank you for that comprehensive and well thought out argument which exactly addressed all my concerns. Consider my eyes opened!
  9. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    You must not understand how that meme works. Also, you might need to get your eyes checked because I never even shot. I was trying to figure out what was happening then I had that dude swinging on me with a hammer. I pulled my gun and stepped back and by that point he was yeeted by some PD officer.
  10. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    Nobody is talking about George Floyd. That happened over a month ago. It's a bit dated to use that as justification to act like fools in-game, esspecially given the speed in which roleplay worlds move. Years of character development happen over the course of weeks, obviously due to the fact its a roleplay server. I could give credibility to that argument if people have actually been protesting about George Floyd's death and all that in-game since then but there hasn't been, at least as far as I've seen, a peep about it. Furthermore, you keep saying things along the lines of "no cop would say the n word to an african american". You're partially right, a white cop wouldn't. The important distinction in this case is that the offending officer was a mixed race officer. I've witnessed black officers use that term to black individuals they've interacted with. Use of the word is common in African American vernacular. Anybody whose had any exposure to black Americans can easily see the term gets used a lot. The fact of the matter is that a black-mexican cop made soft use of the N word and people freaked out and started brawling and assaulting cops with dangerous/deadly weapons. That is absolutely garbage quality RP and only furthers a notion that people who RP as black can continue to pedal shitty stereotypes of black people via the characters they control. There's a common trend on this server that people who RP in Davis as black characters seem to think all black people do is say the N word, yell "fuck the police", and act violent. I don't know about others, but every experience I've had with a black character in Davis/Strawberry has left me leaving the interaction thinking OOCly "has that person ever even interacted with a black person?" because all they did was push stereotypes. The brawl on Covenant street, and then the later on riots, did nothing to improve those feelings. On a large scale, I think the idea of having a riot/protest was cool. But I believe it was done for the wrong reasons. Perhaps I only have these feelings because I witnessed how it started so it tainted the whole experience for me?
  11. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    Well we have /examine for a reason. I'm not sure if the guys /attributes had it set but it's obvious he's not sour cream white just by looking at his character. And actually, this all started because Tayvion Dawson decided to throw a punch at the mixed-race cop as he was walking away. Then everybody just started brawling. Hell I was standing out of the pile off to the side and some dude swung at me with a hammer. I said nothing to anybody the whole time and was just standing chilling out yet I guess he decides it's a worthy cause to (attempt to) murder a random cop? Sounds pretty DMy to me unless he had some kind of reason for why swinging on my character with a hammer was necessary. https://streamable.com/jvs1x9
  12. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    I made a new landing page for the website.
  13. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    The use of force was in response to the disturbance that occurred after said mixed race cop said "nigga". Prior to that it was us trying to get the crowd to breakup, an argument started between the cop and some black dude. Cop proceeds to say "nigga" then all the people RPing as the black individuals proceed to freak the fuck out because I guess the players controlling them think black people automatically enter a stage 5 freak out when hearing the N word from someone whose complexion isn't equal to or darker than milk chocolate.
  14. SugarDavis

    The recent riots

    Imagine burning down the city because a mixed race cop said the N word without a hard R. Obligatory "we're a heavy roleplay server". https://streamable.com/f0upqj ^^ Not my meme btw
  15. The only wipe that may become necessary with time is a money wipe. There comes a point in time where things become so hyper inflated due to more money being introduced than what is feasible to spend. A good example of this is 5k/hr for your first 40 hours.
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