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  1. Complimenting a neatly made chart and saying it would be cool if that information was shared more is not the same as demanding that it be done.
  2. I didn't know such metrics were tracked. Very cool. You guys should share these more often.
  3. @Bospy (Im on my phone and it freaks out when I try to quote you) Longevity and membership aside, what is it providing to the server that the LSPD and SAPR aren't already providing? Sure, the SAPR is the most junior of the 3 but lets say SD just got deleted off the server right now - would there be any noticeable impact?
  4. There's a lot more to the story he left out of his comment but that's whatever. It's all water under the bridge for me and I don't have any issues with @Jonesy because he was nothing but respectful to me during my time in the faction. I can't say the same for his command staff (who the comment was directed at during our disagreement where that comment was made). I made my initial post because I wanted his response because I knew he would likely give the best response unlike other members of the faction who came here to troll in response to the concerns. Like I stated, even though I'm not a mem
  5. Sorry if I worded it wrong and it came off that way. My concern about patrolling the county was basically the lack of visible presence and 911 calls going (seemingly) unanswered in the county. I don't have too much of a concern with SD patrolling in the city. I just think its weird because I thought one of their goals was to provide law enforcement services to the underserviced/rural parts of the county. Jonesy cleared that up above and said that was not one of the original goals of the faction. So I was running off false information. It sounds like, if I'm understanding right, that the SD is
  6. I was "removed" because I told you in a private discord PM that your command staff can "suck start a shotgun". Don't try and portray it as anything else. That was the reason explicitly stated in the ban. I still have the screens of our entire conversation if you want me to share them. Regardless of that though, thank you for clearing up the issue with patrolling rural areas. I was always told that the SD was created with the intent of running the jail and policing the county but it sounds like that was false information from the get-go. As for the jail, sounds like the people I'm chatting w
  7. Thank you for addressing my questions in a well thought out and articulate way. I'm glad this faction has level headed members that can address criticism in a timely manner. This has certainly alleviated any concerns that I had.
  8. In the current state of the server, what is the justification for the continued existence of this faction? It was my understanding (and correct me if I'm wrong) that two major selling points of the sheriff's department was that they would help police the county and run the jail. Let me expand further... 1) The jail continues to rarely be staffed, a problem that plagued the faction since I first joined it about this time last year. Yes, the faction does require every member to perform a certain number of hours in the jail but its not a secret that members intentionally try to complete those
  9. Server needs more money sinks. Right now you get paid (with very little taken out for tax) and then just sits. In reality, people have various bills they have to pay. For example, in my real life I have to pay... - Rent - Utilities bills (water, electric, internet) - Personal bills (phone service, discord, netflix, etc.) - Insurance - Debt (car payment, credit card) - Gas for my car - Groceries I'd say I have a solid 30% of my paycheck left over after I pay my taxes and all my bills. Compare that to GTA:W where I get paid, and unless I'm renting a property, a solid 90% of my
  10. In the defense of PD, which I am not and have never been a member of, it is very easy to build a massive amount of wealth when the game has very little money sinks. In real life you have taxes, the cost of utilities, feeding and clothing yourself, debt, etc. This server has basically none of that.
  11. The actual killing of sex offenders is quite rare. They'll get taken off on and stomped down, but many inmates aren't willing to risk life unless you're in a level 5 where there's already tons of lifers with nothing to lose. Even in those situations, an actual homicide will still be rare. The state has a duty to care for the offenders in its custody. This whole thing about "checking paperwork" is largely a myth and/or outdated because the real at-risk sex offenders would never hit main line. They'd be caught by counselors and preemptively sent to some sort of PC ahead of time. The
  12. Work for a financial institution doing physical security. Basically my job is to make it really hard for people like Deviant Ollam from getting into our buildings. Sometimes its called "blue teaming" but most people just call it physical security.
  13. Speaking as someone who used to be in the SD, the jail is horribly run - and that fault doesn't rest entirely on the shoulders of the faction. The vast majority of the problems occur with the inmate population who watched all of Wes Watson's videos and think prison is all about riding with your people and taking off on other races in the yard (hint: it's not). It is not uncommon to go into the jail as an SD member and find that literally all the inmates killed each other. The jail also becomes a dumping ground for troll criminals from Davis who demonstrate literally the bare minimum RP sta
  14. This kind of roleplay is too complex for the average player - who is more concerned about their multimillion dollar bank account they earned from hard work as a delivery truck driver. Not to mention carrying out criminal activity would potentially mean getting thrown in jail which means losing your CCW permit and at that point why even play the game? Being a criminal is also not advantageous for them because being in jail means you can't spend 7 hours locked in one of your 4 houses doing lesbian e-RP with the homies.
  15. There is more than enough LEOs to combat the issue. Heck, we even have an entire faction whose duties partially consist of patrolling the rural parts of the map. Criminals are going to carry out their crimes where they know there's a lesser chance of being caught. The issue of that faction not dedicating proper resources to police an area under their purview is an IC issue and can be addressed IC.
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