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  1. I don't really care what someone's RPing, but seeing those damn "DM me for exclusive content" posts on FB all the time or even Forum Posts about Onlyfans content are just cringe as hell.
  2. I would love to see the county RP revived again because at some point it was very alive, especially in Sandy. But nowadays it seems people are just open their business to avoid losing it and residential properties mostly go to LEO characters because "my character is a park rangah and needs a home" and you never see them actually being at the property most times. It would seem they just needed a home as a spawn point or a place to afk in peace. I appreciate Property Management only giving out properties to county residence but as far as I'm aware it just needs a quick character backstory, that's about it. Does it make sense for a SD or Park Ranger (and other groups & factions) to have a house in the area they work at? Yes. But is it fair towards players who would want to actively use the property to make the county feel alive again? No. And lets not forget the players who purchase a trailer or Paleto Bay Houses (aka Holiday Homes), keep it for several months just to sell them for massive profit as they are so rare that players that would want to roleplay in said areas would pay anything to do so- Just to face the fact that the area is dead and their efforts bringing rp to the place is pretty much pointless as most homes are seemingly "empty" most of the time. Needless to say that Property Management already takes effort to give players properties who seek to RP in the county- But I understand that they can not keep an eye every player on a long term to see if they're actually using the property or not.
  3. Raven.


    Sold anyway. Main post updated.
  4. This makes me question why no one steps in.
  5. If those cat ears would actually be used for costumes rather than some individuals running around with them 24/7 & living out their fantasy type character (Second Life, IMVU etc etc), no one would care really. I'm personally not a big fan of recent additions of certain "clothing" either, but there's not much one can do but to complain and/or to avoid using them. I personally stick to vanilla GTA clothing and a handful of normal looking clothes that came with the past clothing mod updates. Edit: I would fully agree to have those ears added back if they would used properly. As a part of a costume, nothing more. Everything else should be pointed out to admins. (Like the infamous cat ear PF warriors for example lol)
  6. Please lets not. 🤣 Sometimes I feel like I'm playing Second Life already instead of GTA:W.
  7. Offering $110.000.
  8. Closing bid in one hour, given we're reaching the buyout soon at this rate. Main post updated with the deadline on the bidding.
  9. Full Name: R. Wolf Signature: Rw Comment (optional): Let's make Paleto great again!
  10. Let's not forget about the fact if someone's owning a property in Blaine County. Be it in Sandy or Paleto or somewhere between. They namechange a character, move to a different part of the map or just decide to give up that property. So you go to sell it in-game or on the forums for a (hopefully) fair price so people could afford it and roleplay around the area and property. But then you have people who PM you or comment under your post. BUYOUT and you know who these people mostly are? Self called "mappers" that buy places cheap, change a few things, wait a few months so they can charge more and sell it for around the prices mentioned above. And I'm thinking most properties in that area do suffer from this issue. I've never seen a single person around a Paleto house before. Except those who spawn their 5-10 vehicles and vanish inside again. I think at this point it would only help if Property Management and RPQM would step in and solve this issue because it's far from realistic ICly at this point. Because your only options are either RP being homeless or staying at a motel, you can't even find a apartment in Paleto and yet not a single soul is to be seen on the streets.
  11. *In the middle of a gun deal* "Oh shit, lemme eat that steak I had in my pocket for days now." * Eats 4 steaks at once just because I can* The idea is cool and it'd reduce the mass hoarding of food and drinks in properties. But like others said already you can't force this upon a player. On top of it over time it just gets annoying.
  12. @dawpi is simply the best cat out there. Gotta love @Adv and @Wuhtah too for quick responses both in-game and over Forums & Discord. And special thanks to @Nervous as well for spending so much time with fixing issues some players had with chat lag and freezing, even making a group chat to focus on that. Much love. ❤️
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