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  1. My boys are all grown up now. o7
  2. @metwad Thanks for the good times, buddy. You had an excellent run.
  3. Username: clickmeforafreevacation Comment: YOU!!! Have won a FREE!!! Vacation to WILD & WHACKY Alaskan Widernes! clik !!!!HERE!!!!!!! to Receive your 1st Class Tickets now! (( If you roleplay clicking this link, you see a page that simply says 404 Not Found and your device downloads a virus. This virus is mostly docile and just downloads your phone's contact information and transmits it to Harvey Caruso's datamining computer, deleting itself afterwards. Please copy your phone's contacts off the UCP and Forum PM them to me. ))
  4. following to see if DeMarcus ever comes back home with those cigarettes
  5. Sums my thoughts up very well. Unfortunately I've already fled the Mirror Park area to settle for a nice apartment instead. Mirror Park could be a decently chill spot with cookouts and the occasional yuppie event in the park. Ultimately I chose to live and let live, but bangers somehow affording to live in a place that is one of the most expensive parts of the city is something I can't understand. Just as the area seems to have finally (somewhat) rid itself of the catgirl meme people (no offense... peace and love to all) here comes the homies turning it into a shithole and busting into every house with a car parked outside. There is a lack of real estate for gangs so I can see the desire to want to branch out to places like Morningwood, Alta, or Hawick, but Mirror Park simply shouldn't be affordable for unemployed criminals.
  6. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
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