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  1. 95K I'll grab it right now, let me know.
  2. I'm willing to offer you 80,000$ for it, as the car needs insurance and all, let me know please.
  3. Alright, thanks for the replies guys, I'll just try to make a refund request in hopes to have it accepted, I'm left with like 20k so even if I wanted to buy a smaller truck I wouldn't be able to do so. I guess it makes sense to prevent people from buying big trucks (especially with the 5k per hour thing on new accounts), but I still hope one day it might change, maybe based on the playtime hours or something, as if you have enough cash to buy your own truck it should let you use it even without the required amount of deliveries. Anyways, thanks again for the info. ?
  4. I have almost 100 hours in the server, up until now I have pretty much just played as a trucker for a company, and got fired a few days ago. I have managed to build enough money to buy my own truck, so I went to the dealership and bought a Pounder for 135K. Now my issue is: I am short of 4k to register the vehicle, and wanted to do 1 trucking delivery just so I can have enough to register the truck. But when I use /startshipment it says "You are not allowed to drive such a vehicle yet, or it is an invalid trucking vehicle." Is this because I need to register it first to start trucking, or is it legit because I didn't do enough deliveries to use a Pounder? If it's the second reason, it doesn't make sense to me. I understand if I'm in a company and they dont allow you to use bigger trucks up to a certain amount of deliveries, but if I BUY MY OWN truck why can I not use it?
  5. Sure, noted. I'm willing to sell the car tomorrow night if you can, just to give people and mainly the person above your offer to consider this.
  6. Didn't get anything else so far so if nothing comes up in the next few hours it can be done, I just need the car sold.
  7. Might be a dumb question, but in Menyoo I can't seem to find a way to add beards. I see the option Beard/Mask on Menyoo, but when I browse it, it's just masks. Am I doing something wrong or?
  8. Alright gotcha, I'll figure something out eventually, thanks for the answers. This can be archived thank you!
  9. Probably this has been answered already, but I can't find anything on google so I'll just ask here. If I happened to install mods on my GTA 5, so singleplayer stuff, mostly mods like LSPDFR & related mods, cars, that sort of stuff.. is it going to affect RageMP? Am i still able to play ragemp or i'm probably gonna get some errors? If so, I assume there are ways to 'temporary' turn off mods when you wanna go on ragemp and turn them back on when i go back to SP? Hopefully I'll get my mind clear on this, dont really wanna screw up my game and end up having to reinstall everything or do something that's not allowed.
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