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  1. he hasn't been or is not planning to ever be in the police faction so.... ITS ONLY LOGICAL, AM I RIGHT?? xd (sorry, no input on the suggestion just wanted to point out this is stupid. even for me, a person who barely plays)
  2. Lmao, go work and maybe you'll forget your daddy saying suck it up Too bad some of us won't ever get a proper education simply because their brains lack the capability of thinking for longer than 10 seconds
  3. again, opinion coming from a white boy who's probs middle-high class gets to express his pointless opinion of >IF I WAS BLACK, I WOULDNT BE OFFENDED >AQUILA SJW BECAUSE A THREAD WITH A LOT OF EFFORT AND GOOD INTENTION >AQUILA SHUT UP BECAUSE THIS DOESNT INVOLVE ME
  4. banned for being a troll with over-attachment issues
  5. low iq capitalist slave speaking for his flock > hey mayn, im so st00ped words dont have a meaning to me > you must be very young > do you even have a job, loser > suck it up is my favorite thing to say, that's what my daddy said when he dropped his pants ps none of the stuff I said above is meant for anything else, but to prove a point
  6. Translated: I think that insulting people using stereotypes that may be offensive to some, shouldn't be disallowed, mostly because I'm not gay, I'm white and very privileged and there are only about 10 insults that touch me including being called an idiot. Oh and your mom should die of cancer, hehe xd funny joekz all hjoeks allowes! ^ ps that's my form of humor, that's very very offensive yet I claim its a joke... Let's not cater to your needs of me being told that what I said is wrong, because it only offends you and there are thousands of other players on this server! That's the most pathetic thing I've seen from you SirPuglesworth and I hope you change your mind, otherwise imma just harass you jokingly from now on.
  7. Best vehicle mods 2017/2018, man has taste!
  8. I was just reading an article about mental illness and how in most cases serious illness starts with people feeling unappreciated and worried, therefore I decided to make this twist on "whats the person above you known for" to be purely optimistic and full of compliments to people! To help carry out the fight against mental illness, everywhere and in any way, make the person above you feel appreciated for what they do!
  9. I was doing market research for my own server and liked the appeal of the server when I found it. Roleplay made me find it, home page mage me stay.
  10. banned for not being in the THoF discord https://discord.gg/2QNWKuP
  11. Following the death of Jo, his godfather and uncle Yuudai Suraisu came to the country to see his nephew burried.. however with his arrival Cu is confused as to what his uncles' plans really are. Yuudai Suraisu, the elder brother of Tanchi Suraisu a man of tradition and conservatism. Godfather to Jo and uncle of Cu & Shuai. He's a self made millionaire who doesn't take no for an answer, vintage age with great experience in the underground. A boss in a Yakuza branch; he put his right hand in charge while he has to handle "family business" in Los Santos. * Black Dragon arrives at the compound as a vehicle follows in after them * After a couple of days in Los Santos, Yuudai began to settle in: with his vast knowledge in the underground he found his way around the syndicate faster than anybody expected. His initiation happened the night he arrived in the city - his reputation proceeded his plans. * After a day, the date for the funeral has been announced and the reception has been prepared. Yuudai began to wonder of what words would bring significance to the funeral of his Godson. * Jo was the eldest of his generation of the Suraisus. He brought his brother and then cousin to San Andreas to make a better living. The boys.. Jo and Cu had lost their father and mother to prison at the age of adolescence. Shuais' mother has taken them in as their own, they were in a new home.. in America. Then as adults they craved their own way.. here in San Andreas. Jo, as the eldest has made sure that if he was to go that his legacy would remain. Therefore we pay our respects, for the achievements of Jo and his sacrafice to what he believed in. Jo lives in the memory of his family. 継続は力なり (continuation is power)
  12. for being the brothel momma at the vanilla unicorn
  13. Surely an 18 tonne vehicle can carry more than 100KG of goods.
  14. It's the general idea of religion, there are boundaries for it and surely if this thread was something being supported by a IC movement then fine. But you're trying to get a church interior added so you(rog) can roleplay there. I had to grind a shittonne of time and presuade a lot of people to work with me before I even began dreaming about having a roleplay interior for my needs. Most of the stuff you see added in-game "mapped" has been paid for with in-game money, so if the money is ic then so is the interior. This server is intending to have people "create" and "structure" things via roleplay means, I can map a church interior for you no problem, I'd actually be grateful if you asked me.. however I'd much prefer to get an IC call and get told something like "I love your architecture skills, come design my church!" What I was trying to say in my initial post is that: - You want something strictly IC added in OOCly - You want it added oocly though you can get it added ICly - If you add a church OOC for IC purposes, people will get butthurt ooc and be like "epilepson progrem iz fejk end main religian is reel end ju ad fejk religiaens ooc?!??!?!?!?" Apparently now Snowflakes deals with Dynasty8 and you need to spam her on discord to get her to help you IG ^_^ That's the same in majority of other cases where you need help: Spam admins on discord.
  15. Tbh it can be used to put on a different mask in the type of a helmet, if anybody had an earpiece it'd be powergame for them to say that it's a mask :D
  16. For wanting to know what objects i use in the casino
  17. the fact that you can buy a mask on the street doesnt "impact" anybody sir, atleast give an example of how and why
  18. I believe that the "future" thread mentioned something about stealing and selling other peoples cars. It'll probably get added :P
  19. Player to Player sync is horrible, nevermind trying to program a NPC for hours and then it turns out that it doesn't even sync properly lelelele I'd say save this feature for RAGE or the future of GTMP where there aren't any sync issues
  20. It wouldn't take much except covering up the windows with some object x) And yeah, it takes the spirit out of spiritual roleplay. And ual roleplay is not fun. Supported
  21. I wouldn't support this idea beacause of the cultural/religious diversity that's on the server. You build a church. The muslims get mad. You build a mosque. The jews get mad. You build a synagogue. The alien spagetti monster people get mad. And so on.. In my opinion this matter should be handled ICly, like the way I promised to build churches on NGG as the president.
  22. monica, said everything I wanted to say + supporting this shit!
  23. Got that sort of shit IRL now so I don't see why we shouldn't see it in game :D
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