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  1. All of the bids are below the starting one. Not interested in any of them.
  2. 4SALE Obey Tailgater 2 TOP SECURITY PERFORMANCE PACKAGE TURBO CUSTOM PLATES (IDK911) ONLY 340 MILES ANTI-THEFT LEVEL 4 GPS SPORT LOOK Photos: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Starting bid: $120.000 Current bid: $150.000 Buyout: $200.000 OOC:
  3. I would like to see the penthouse in person. 8771.
  4. Send me your offer.
  5. Selling my beautiful, well maintained Obey 8F Drafter Performance package (with turbo). CUSTOM PLATE - TOPSZN. ONLY 215 miles. Starting Bid: $240,000 Buyout: $290,000 ((OOC STATS))
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