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  1. To submit an application, click on the provided link. Good luck!https://forms.gle/7YGfLPePVAQjaJr5A
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  3. GALLOWAY STEPS DOWN. VALENCIA BECOMES NEW PARTY CHAIRMAN! Dear Los Santos, It has been an absolute honor being the Chairman of the Los Santos Democratic Party. We've had an exciting adventure throughout this time, including the intense District elections. Serving our communities has been a great privilege, and I'm proud of the work that we've done as a Party. In addition, I am also proud of the hard working, and dedicated staff that helped move our Party forward. Individuals like Riley King, Juno Midsomer, Spencer Jameson, and many many more. With all of this said, I am officially stepping down as the Chairman of the Democratic Party. However, this very important position will be filled by an incredible individual who's passion and dedication to our communities is as bright and warm as his words. It is an honor to present Mr. George Valencia as the new Chairman of the Los Santos Democratic Party. I have absolute faith in his ability to run this Party to greatness, and to continue the hard work I've put into it. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and please wish Mr. Valencia great success. Forward, Together! Charles Galloway Former Chairman of the Democratic Party of Los Santos
  6. PRINT NAME & TITLE: George Valencia, Eastern District Representative SIGNATURE: SIGNING DATE: 10/02/2020 COMMENT: I willfully and proudly sign this pledge in order to protect and honor the civil liberties for each individual within our great city. It is our duty as officials to serve and represent the People of Los Santos, and I believe that by signing this pledge, we are initiating our dutiful service to the People.
  7. NEWS & DEVELOPMENTS George Valencia, the Chairman and CEO of Valencia Capital, Inc has stepped down from his position after winning the election for East District Representative. The corporation is now under the leadership of Anthony Valencia. In further news, Valencia Capital, Inc has opened up a new divisional branch in Liberty City which will be operated by Pablo Valencia, the youngest of the three brothers. All current operations have temporarily shifted to the Liberty City branch in accordance with Valencia Capital's new market strategy.
  8. Username: George Valencia Comment: Although I represent the Democratic party, I’m a candidate that aims to represent the people of Los Santos first, whether they’re Democrat or Republican. With this stated, I’d like to introduce the idea of calming the tension between both parties before we create the same dividing chaos that is occurring on a national level. We must remember that at the end of the day, our duty is to the people of Los Santos, and this drama will solve nothing, and will instead create further conflict between our parties, which will ultimately hurt not only our city’s progress, but also the people within it. Miss Saleh, you seem quite the intelligent, and capable lawyer. Los Santos remains to be one of the grandest of cities in our nation because they are filled with incredible people like you. I truly hope that you and our party can remain on good terms. With all that I’ve said, I will now extend my hand towards my Republican colleagues and ask that we instead maintain a healthy rivalry, and proceed with our dutiful responsibilities towards the people of our great city. After all, we’re both looking to create a more bright future for Los Santos, and even though our approaches are different, we still seek the same goal.
  9. Username: George Valencia Comment: Lol, good work once again. I died laughing. You're wrong about me being sensitive about my deformed thumb though, it's actually the opposite. I always have a good time when people roast me about it because ultimately some of their comments are hilarious. You definitely got my looks right though, and my love for dress up, LOL. Well done!
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