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  1. Heathen puttin in work, looking great. Enjoying the screenshots.
  2. Still looking! Any trailer in the county in general, location does not matter.
  3. Title of the ad says it all, looking to buy a trailer in the Blaine County area. Not bothered on the location. Email me ((Forum PM)) if you have any trailers for potential sale. Have a house in El Burro Heights, Fudge Lane I can potentially trade if the offer is right eventually after the property has been properly fumigated. Over 14 days. Email for more information.
  4. Currently for sale is a pretty much brand new vehicle, barely been driven. Fully customized in regards to a tune up, turbo, brakes, transmission. The works. Images below; ((OOC;)) Looking for $30,000. Offers below will not be accepted. Contact me via email ((Forum PM)) or via 867333 text only in regards for more info.
  5. Currently looking for potential trades around certain areas in Los Santos. Particular areas would be Mirror Park, Vespucci, along Melanoma/Magellan in particular. With a garage would be preference but not important. Any other areas won't be considered, no apartments just houses. I'm not looking to sell, only to potentially trade if the offer is right. In no rush to get rid. Exterior; Interior ((Check the GIF link. It's a basic interior, nothing too flashy));
  6. If you read the ad. I won't go below the asking price.
  7. Currently have this Imponte Dukes for sale for the price of $40,000. Modified to give it that classical look. Contact 867333 or Emails ((Forum PM)) if you ae interested. I won't go below the asking price. Images below;
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