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  1. Looking for a house in Blaine county. Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, Harmony, anywhere in Blaine. Will need to view the property before talking money. Email me if you have anything available. ((Forum PM))
  2. Negative. It has changed hands a couple of times, we just frequent it. ?
  3. Using some screens from prior events to the faction going live, apologies for the lack of text posted here. Future screens with include dialog, but hopefully the images give an idea as to the events that unfolded.
  4. This is not an auction! I'm looking for $120,000 O.B.O on this vehicle. Maximum security has been installed, as well as a full engine rebuild, transmission replacement, aftermarket brakes, window tint (legal limit) I am available via email, or response to this advert. ((Email - Forum PM))
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