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  1. Vato


    All sold. ((can be l&a))
  2. Vato


    Currently on hold as waiting an offer from a dealership. Will let you know.
  3. Vato

    [Buying] Vehicles

    Zion convertible bought. Interested in others remaining also.
  4. ((marketprice and furniture price? @Dr.Gonzo))
  5. Offering $366,005. ((wich is the maximum you can sell it for))
  6. 90k. Do we have an ending point for this because my offer is available only for 24 hours.
  7. Vato

    [Buying] Vehicles

    Sorry. I don't see any Blista in my wishlist. Do you? Thanks anyway.
  8. Vato

    [Buying] Vehicles

    Can be stock/moded, insured/uninsured, registered/unregistered, etc. Zion convertible - bought Sentinel XS Seraph Sentinel convertible XLS Rebla GTS email me if you got any: [email protected] ((forum pm))
  9. Vato

    [4Sale] Bus

    **ad refreshed**
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