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  1. It's legal and illegal RPers versus Non-RPers; always has been. Also for the meme, while I was posting this another group of them circled the block masked up
  2. 1. Non-RPers want guns to shoot people 2. Non-RPers stack up 4 deep in a torrence on discord to chain rob as many guns as they can in vespucci/mirror park/etc (Use to do it in the county as well but that's against the rules now. Still happens, because these people don't care about the rules) 3. The problem is so bad that they have resorted to literally abusing the script to achieve more guns and ammunition in order to keep DMing tl;dr: The issue is DMers/Non-RPers want guns to DM/Sell/whatever and are willing to break the rules, bug abuse, etc to accomplish this. They have no intention of roleplaying (implying a lot of these guys know what a character is in the first place) and are a net negative on everybody's enjoyment. It's bad enough now that I'm seeing illegal faction members making reports on these guys as well for doing the same shit in their neighbourhood. See: the Brisco Stacks perm ban report from the previous page.
  3. I do every time and I have no intention of stopping. But holy cow does it ever make you a target for these people: You'll have to take my word that this happens every time I report one of these people. I don't keep record of every time some doofus OOCly insults me as that would be super masochistic. They do wind up being banned every time but it just feels like there's an endless supply of these people. My second character is always an illegal one and I have been in a lot of these people's discords over the years. I only complain because it feels like no matter how many people get banned for this it feels like the issue never really goes away. non-rper#49509 will just get replaced with non-rper#49510 tomorrow.
  4. So then should victims be allowed to fight back or do you want civilians to just be a man in Lumbridge that Torrences full of telepathic 15 year olds can pickpocket for 99 thieving. Not that you could fight back anyway as they 4v1 you at every opportunity (which is also against the rules but good luck getting someone punished for that). I digress.
  5. It shows that what this is really about is guns and loot; not roleplay. If you're prioritizing abusing the script to gain more weapons you're just playing rust. It's an indication of the larger issue.
  6. I'm able to determine that because everybody who was in that car has been perm-banned for DM/Chainrobbing/etc since that clip was posted. Here's the most recent report on the driver, for example: And if you won't take my word for it here's the same thing from the panda himself:
  7. That wasn't the point of my post. And we both know the people doing this aren't criminal RPers either. They're just robo-thugs who only care about getting more guns. Here's one from a couple weeks ago: https://streamable.com/y1pqbb Look at how hard this player slams on the brakes and then tries to ram me off my bike just for the chance of robbing my character. They aren't roleplaying in GTA:World, they're playing Rust or Day-Z and are just trying to kill 'geared players' for their loot. That's it, it was never about roleplay. The prime example of this is once the /rob command was introduced robbers started riding around 4 deep so they could take turns using the /rob command so their daily /rob totals didn't get high enough to be noticed by staff. It also demonstrates a play-to-win mentality as riding around with 4 dudes essentially ensures you 'win' every robbery you engage in.
  8. Not to sum it up in a meme but this is how it goes for me. Every time we say it's unrealistic we get the "but it's grand theft auto so that's how it is" which is fine I guess but if any person was getting robbed multiple times a week they'd be sitting on their roof with a sniper rifle picking people off within the first 5 months easy. So what I'm getting at is I'm tired of being expected to copy/paste the same "ooh im getting robbed im afraid" script even though any reasonable person would be beyond fed up and either leave San Andreas or start taking extreme matters to solve this problem (picking off robbers with a scoped rifle from a roof, etc). RPing a civilian makes you feel like an NPC from 'Free Guy' where you just repeat the same robbery rp over and over and over and over. "I'm the robber, you're the guy who sits down and takes it". And any retaliation against a criminal character as a civilian character is seen as 'unrealistic' or whatever but in reality anybody who was getting robbed multiple times a week for 20+ years would probably do whatever it takes to stop it.
  9. Would you still be afraid realistically though? If you got mugged multiple times a week for your entire life I feel like it'd start losing its sting after a few years
  10. /me's are roleplay, this is a heavy roleplay server. I'm not sure what else to say.
  11. It was like Afghanistacks used to be on LSRP unfortunately. Just this every 15 minutes: https://streamable.com/enxqje
  12. I don't necessarily think it's the age of the characters themselves that people are upset with. It's the /attributes and actions that the characters are taking is what they're talking about. If you had a character who worked their way into a gang from a young age without having multiple counts of felony murder while being 15 I don't think it'd be a big deal. The thing that bothers people in my mind is the 6'2" 210 pounds of prison built muscle 13 year olds. If people had underage characters that weren't doing ridiculous stuff like that it doesn't really seem like a problem. (I'm not saying they all do this but as usual a loud few outshine the quiet majority).
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