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  1. Here is the official list of shirts for Males: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Male_Tops Females: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Female_Tops They've got photos and everything so that should help find things easier. Some shirts have been over-written with custom clothing for factions like the LSPD and may not be available. Once the newer version of RAGE.MP is released though they will be available for use again
  2. It's an RPQM issue. It's the nice neighbourhood equivalent of rich characters living in Davis and parking Cheetah Classics in their driveway. It's not realistic in the context we're talking about and while yes you can report people for robberies that don't make sense, if people didn't illogically rob everyone they saw standing outside we could avoid that all together. Imagine living in a good neighbourhood and being afraid of standing on your front lawn for too long because a group of armed gunmen will roll up in a lease vehicle and shake you down / kill you if they don't get what they want. Now imagine this happening hourly (thankfully since this thread got created for some reason it's magically gone down a considerable amount, crazy). This is America. 40 hour minimum for felonies such as this. That's basically the only solution. Every character who robs me is a nobody alt with like 10 hours and a PF gun they got from uh.. 'a friend', etc.
  3. You've barely been on the server for 45 minutes in and of itself. And as you can see, I killed the people doing it. I usually do. It really makes having to be the god damn terminator every hour or so frustrating as hell. It makes no sense. Because of this kinda nonsense happening basically every day my character has like 50-something CCW kills, it's absurd.
  4. If those items are so insignificant why have you been complaining about that once incident in specific for over a week now? Surely that wouldn't matter if they weren't valuable or important, right?
  5. And I'll be ready for when you're back tomorrow.
  6. If you stand outside, yes. The night where that happened, they were the 5th car with 3-4 masked people in it to circle the cul-de-sac within the hour prior to the shooting taking place. From a statistics standpoint I'd say 70-80% of all vehicular traffic on the Cul-De-Sac is squads of robbers aiming guns at anything with a heartbeat.
  7. That's exactly what I mean. If you're in 99% of areas it's fine and you'll be totally okay just hanging out. But for whatever reason hoards and hoards of robbers ONLY come to Mirror Park to rob people on a quarter-hourly cycle. I had a buddy who just last week had a group of 4 dudes hit him with their primo at full speed while he was standing on his yard just so they could jump out and steal all his items with three lines of roleplay. Not bueno. Invading an empty house to loot it is one thing in my mind, while jumping out 4 deep and robbing every person you see on their front lawn / the sidewalk is an entirely different, already against the rules thing.
  8. Those are all home invasions. Also, they don't happen IRL every 15-45 minutes like they do in game. You literally cannot stand outside for more than five minutes without a crew of robothugs (( STOP STALLING )) you into giving them whatever you have on you. God forbid you have no money or items, then they just murder you. It feels like Day-Z out there. I lived on Brogue Avenue in Davis for 1.5 years on the same character and got robbed infinitely less than in the area I'm at now.
  9. Literally look at the video. Imagine that happening in real life anywhere ever. "Ayo see those two random white folk making a snowman on their front lawn? Lets rob 'em while standing in the middle of a well lit cul-de-sac with witnesses all around". This is how it looks when you see death squads in nice neighbourhoods robbing people on their front lawns:
  10. I feel this on a personal level. Where's the fear involved with pulling out guns / running around wearing masks in public in broad daylight. There's a certain element of the fear of getting caught for robbing people in the middle of a public street that should play into account as well.
  11. When groups of people 3 or 4 deep rolling through Mirror Park masked up like we're in downtown Benghazi all armed and masked up becomes realistic I'll start worrying about how people respond to /b stop stalling within 6 seconds of said death squad jumping out of their cars. Take two days ago for example, when 3 masked dudes in guns were driving around chain robbing people in Mirror Park: https://streamable.com/o79i2a It feels like I live in Iraq the amount of 4 deep cars with death squads inside that roll past my front door every hour.
  12. Yeah if someone's willing to head out to BFE to commit illegal activity it's not really any different than going out to Paleto Forest to do it so why not
  13. Almost every forum suggestion in general lately is 'lets make the entire community do X'. I don't get it, let people play in the camera view they want to use. Not everything has to be a blanket strong-arm over everyone
  14. @Late Idk where I'd be without that shawarma
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