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  1. So much this. I had a character which lived on Brogue avenue for nearly 2 years and this happened on a weekly basis. Essentially every 7-14 days some new group would roll along and flex on me with the typical "who u bitch this our turf I been here my whole life" crap; while in reality their former counterparts had only left a few days prior to them showing up. What's wrong with creating a history for yourself here? Idk, the whole showing up on a tuesday and demanding respect on wednesday thing doesn't fly and for people who've actually lived somewhere longer than 8 minutes it gets old very qui
  2. That's the beauty of it for me. Like if your history actually occurred in game and it was used to form who your characters / group are carries a lot of weight. It's also great development. Even you saying that you're still figuring it out 6 months later is proof of just how good for a character arc it can be when you actually develop and change your character/group to combat IC interactions. Being a static entity that never changes opinions or attitudes gets very boring very quickly and this prevents that
  3. This post is amazing, thank you for this
  4. Every single argument in the past couple weeks on the forums has essentially boiled down to:
  5. My only worry is it's a temporary solution to a permanent supply issue. It might kick some people out of their houses at first but they'll be replaced by people who can afford the extra amount and won't mind the extra costs because supply's still so low. I could see it working for a generation or two of owners before they're re-enveloped into someone with the cash to cover the extra cost. At the end of the day there just aren't enough houses and as much as I wish I could provide an end-all solution I honestly have no idea
  6. I think the main reason that happens too is these people don't live in the area they're banging. So as a result you essentially have a group of teenagers who get driven to their gang turf by their mom every morning so they can front a set they don't live in. But yeah, nobody gets fear or respect automatically or retroactively. You have to earn respect through what your crew does over time and develop a reputation from that. Forcing people to RP a history with your crew that didn't exist is frankly powergaming and silly as you can make up whatever you want as fact and imply people are bad rolep
  7. We've been trying to take it IC but basically anyone whose called 911 or done anything IC to prevent it has been hassled or threatened on discord so far. It's a big meme 🤪
  8. I have no idea what you mean but posting three separate times in a row in the same thread just to bash people isn't a good look.
  9. If some random guy was running around in your backyard IRL I feel like having the cops come down and talk to him is a reasonable solution. In the situation I know you're referencing, the guys involved got in 0 trouble with the police. The cops literally just asked them to stop and left, so there was no need to escalate it further. It's the classic turning nothing into something; especially considering the original provocateur's were the ones trespassing in the first place.
  10. But punishment was your goal all along. No need to flip-flop now. Drama Alert's found its new host.
  11. If you're not mad why have you posted this in like 4 topics.
  12. I've known this to happen to about half a dozen people and messaging them after the fact hasn't yielded any results either
  13. And if we're out there ticketing illegal parkers outside the club, you know how that goes
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