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  1. Reinstall rage and ensure that you have a clean game. If that doesn't work then I'd recommend re-verifying your GTA V game files and run rage with admin.
  2. I'd recommend deleting it, re-launching your game and letting it download all the assets again.
  3. Sometimes you don't really need to develop a fully fleshed character through a story, but rather a narrative to set them up to continue through in-game roleplay. If your character is joining LSPD you're not really as confined as you would be say if you wanted your character to be a member of an LCN organisation. So you've got a lot of flexibility in terms of where you can go with it. Most important areas imo are their history - where they grew up, family, major life experiences, and then you might want to think about an arch/point of note where the story may pivot. Throughout the s
  4. Congratulations to everyone! @hippie killer SYR homie.
  5. SYR my little llama friend..
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