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  1. Very interesting! I'm happy to see a movie production company here again, after Vinewood Studios seem to have gone inactive. I miss the old days of big IC movies showing in the cinemas, and proper movie studio RP. It was a lot of fun when this industry was at its height here about 1,5 years ago. Can't wait to see the movie industry active again on gtaw. Best of luck to you!
  2. Exciter

    Holmberg Invest

    Very interesting! Good looking designs too. Looking forward to see what this can bring. Best of luck!
  3. Looking good. Excited to see more.
  4. PMC (Pace Management Consulting LLP) is a Los Santos-based management consulting firm offering a range of professional business services. PMC work to make your business thrive. [Sept. 2020:] CLOSED! Should be L&A. Whether you're an experienced business manager wanting an extra toolset and more expertise at your disposal to make your business excel even further, or you are just getting into business and would prefer to outsource tedious management tasks so that you can focus on the value you create for your customers - PMC is your perfect match. Consulting PMC consists of great minds within management, finance, accounting, and analytics. As a client of PMC, your business will be able to benefit from our expertise. Are you looking for advice on how to hit specific targets for your business? Are you looking to expand? Is your business struggling financially, or with internal issues? Contact PMC, and let's talk about how we can help. We know that every business is unique and so every one of our client relationships is custom-tailored to their needs. Accounting & Auditing Difficult to keep control of your finances and ensure a healthy business economy? Talk to us about how you can outsource your bookkeeping to our experts, or how our experts can perform audits on your own finances so that you may achieve the PMC stamp of conformity, a recognized proof of quality that makes your reports trustworthy. Software PMC offers business management solutions - toolsets that help you stay in control of your business no matter how big it is. Our solutions include accounting, financial reporting, payroll & HR management, websites, event management, project management, stock keeping, sales, and much more. Contact us for more information about the solutions that can help your business. Company Details Pace Management Consulting LLP Red. E. Offices #11, Downtown, Los Santos, San Andreas. Key Officials Morgan Pace CEO Phone: 6396392 Anton Johansson Key Account Manager Phone: 24189735
  5. FOR SALE: Maibatsu Mule - Truck with plenty storage capacity! Selling a used Maibatsu Mule. $40,000 or highest offer. Seller info: Morgan Pace, ph.: 6396392 SOLD
  6. Cheap scooter for sale. Great, easy mean of transportation at a low cost. Asking price: $4,000 Low mileage. Barely used. As new! Contact Mitt Rogers at 6396392.
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