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  1. I still really just fail to see why it's a problem. So long as nothing conflicts (IE something being mayor or chief of PD, or leader of the biggest gang in a previous server obviously cannot carry that over). A big problem the server currently has is people constantly throwing characters away due to complete lack of fear for their lives, so they make a new one every couple of days. Way I see it, people with commitment to keep characters for so long, if it's done right, should be allowed to.
  2. Yet you already have, like five times on this thread alone. So you're self righteous, full of yourself, AND a hypocrite. Got it.
  3. Kinda rich coming from an admin from LSRP's objectively shittiest years. Just my two cents. But that whole "who else is gonna hunt down the shitters" shit is probably one of the cringiest things I've read on this forum.
  4. Outta reacts for today so here have a big fat manual clap 👏
  5. lol Focus on your own roleplay champ.
  6. I am. What if I've had a character that I started at the very start of the first community I've ever joined, carried her over the next community afterwards cause my previous one got shut down, or died out? What if I don't wanna flush out 5+ years of development on a character due to poor management of the community I was on? I've done that on one character here (out of my 6 current ones) because I've had her for nearly 10 years now. The day she gets CKd (she's not involved in illegal stuff so I don't see that happening for a while) is the day I'll finally let her go, Naturally, I'm not talking about a character that's been involved in serious illegal factions, as that could conflict with gta.w, nor is she an ex-cop, anything. Just a civilian. Yes she has been involved in criminal activities in the past but nothing that would conflict with how things are on gta.w. Now I ask again, if I continue to portray her, according to the events that have happened with her over the 8-9 years I've played her, who am I hurting? She's not all the person she was when I started playing, hence I'm not sure if it fits ya'll description of a copy and paste character, instead she's the way I shaped her to be over the 8-9 years of development.
  7. So what I'm getting from this thread is, if you're developing a character you've had for years now it's shit, but if you make a new character cause your previous one that lasted three days got CKd again because he doesn't give a shit about his life it's fine. Makes perfect sense.
  8. Out of reacts for today but big fat fucking clap from me. 👏
  9. Seems like a really petty thing to cry about honestly. If someone quits an old community because it doesn't offer much of what they want anymore and want to migrate their character to gta.w, why stop them? They want to carry on developing the character they've played maybe for years and not flush it down the toilet over the poor management of their previous dying community, again, why stop them? If their roleplay doesn't conflict with gta.w, if it's roleplayed well, if they bring solid interactions with people, who gives a shit? Seems more like a "look how superior I am" kinda thread than a legitimate issue.
  10. You're a fuckin legend and we appreciate you Signed, - Every dealership owner - Probably every player too
  11. Banned for one piece pfp
  12. Boys Night Out Ear and eye** (Older set of screens I had but didn't post yet ?)
  13. No, already hard enough to get ads in. Against this until we at the very least we have an ad queue system or a different ad system overal.
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