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  1. Marquis bought, still need a Sentinel Classic.
  2. Very much needed. This is what the corpse system at the morgue is for, but a basic description such as /damages is very much needed. Especially since the morgue system is completely bugged.
  3. Brand dealerships is just too much work for something that affects the server too little in my opinion. I'd just teleport them into a different dimension on some test track like Fort Zancudo where you could basically go fucking ham if you wish to. And just add a little text like ** The dealership employee drives the vehicle to a nearby owned test track, and allows Player XY to test out the vehicle on the private property. ** and just give people 2-3 minutes. Also, as a requirement, they should have enough money to buy the vehicle and register it before they're even allowed to test drive it, as real life dealerships do take bank statements and such before allowing someone to test an expensive car.
  4. Looking for a Marquis aswell! Paying juicy
  5. Day 278. Hope is running low. Send offers.
  6. Looking for a Sentinel Classic e-mails to [email protected] or a post here!
  7. I hope this doesn't get implemented honestly. And if it does, it should be realistic interest. So basically under, up to a maximum of 1 percent. Which means you don't really get shit.
  8. The fact I'm surprised there's no cigs at these locations makes me vouch. Must have.
  9. I agree to the no to super cars, otherwise it all seems fine. The Toros is maybe too much aswell? As its based on a Urus it should carry a hefty price tag though. Other than that I'm ready to become a sperm donor and sell my unborn children for a Toros.
  10. Username: Hope Comment: LiKe, EvErYoNe? MoSt SuV's CoMe StOcK wItH tUrBoS aS wElL. StOp FaLsE aDvErTiSiNg YoUr LoCkS aNd aLaRmS aReNt uPgRaDeE eItHeR. i WaNt To SpEaK tO tHe MaNaGeR!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!one!11!!!!eleven11!
  11. Finally proper consequences. I support this.
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