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  1. Not much to add, this would make A LOT of businesses viable, it's difficult to run into certain businesses when they open couple of times a week for a few hours, not only it would be an amazing feature for people that want to buy certain things but also a lot of roleplay for delivery companies and businesses themselves, in this day and age almost every business out there delivers this should be a thing and would boost a lot of rp regarding all sorts of businesses.
  2. This is exactly why SD is good, you must have a very skewed perception of the law enforcement in USA or in an country in the world if you believe being a "civilian" has some sort of protection for you. There are many officers that are simply fucked up, lost their moral compass and so on. SD is great because they don't act perfect, they don't act on ooc knowledge "oh hes a civilian haha lets be nice to him" they simply act it out ic without really caring who you are. I have ran into SD officers that are "good" and I have ran into SD officers that are "cunts" to put it simply and both experience
  3. Respect @harrison and @DanneBRE had a lot of good roleplay with you boys.
  4. You know if people didn't treat criminals as some sort of montsters, you could easily befriend your "dealer" and not get involved in anything illegal past buying drugs. The last thing majority of criminals want to do is rob their customer, that's just anti productive.
  5. Someone who dabbles in running a club, there's not enough money, the standard rate for an hour is 4-5k and rarely does anyone wanna work for less. Usually from an opening I make about 60k, two bartenders, couple of security (no ccw, cop wannabe security) hiring a DJ and the wage bill ends ups being around 50k (which is fine but that's basically the limit of how much staff you can hire without going negative), I want to make bottle service a thing at my club but the issue is that no one is willing to pay a couple of thousand for an expensive bottle because "it's just rp" Sometimes it is the own
  6. This is the biggest issue that exists I believe, PD,SD,FD should be notifying news agencies or approved news agencies by LFM should have some sort of access to notifications or something so they could arrive on scene. It's not the 80's journalists don't get shot for reporting on criminals, at this day and age being a journalist is similar as to being a cop to kill one is a death sentence. If some gang bangers or even organised criminals decided to kill you for writing a story on them it would be poor roleplay from them to go after you to try and actively kill you. If they are bi
  7. shiroq

    Project Zomboid

    Am I hearing someone talking about rp in project zomboid? On topic though, it's a good game more fun with friends if they know what they are doing and not setting themselves on fire like mentioned above
  8. The weather is actually pretty accurate if you log in during the day at 2-3pm you will often see temperatures of 18-23c but evenings it always drops to 15-10c. The issue here is that the peak times are evenings and most roleplay happens from around 7pm to around 3-4am on the server. Which obviously means that it's going to be cold. So actually minus the rain which happens too often, the weather system is pretty synced up to the actual LA weather, the only issue being there is that no one really plays until it starts getting cold so it always feels like the weather is co
  9. To my knowledge a group of people that wanted to RP yakuza have been offered twice (possibly two different groups) But they were given the restrictions of what kind of portrayal IFM was expecting of them, and they did not want to agree to them. No one argues about Yakuza existing, but Yakuza in california does not go around purchasing guns, killing people, selling drugs. Their operations are mostly to do with the pornography industry and real estate. They are basically civilians, but people don't want to roleplay that. The minute you allow a Yakuza on the server you will have dudes running aro
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