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  1. Most people aren't "car enthuasiasts" when we talk gtaw they are either Intial D fans or Need for Speed fans. There wouldn't be issues with people driving their riced out cars that scrape every 3 meters if people roleplayed that, it's not difficult. But the problem is that people do not roleplay drawbacks of riced out cars, I mean most people don't even want to roleplay car crashes and try to play the desync card. Even when they are pretty much forced to roleplay those crashes they will be back on the road with the car 10 minutes later once the scene is done.
  2. The Yakuza for sure does exist in LA, California and USA. But it does not exist in the type of way that 99% of this server wants to portray it. Countless times many iterations of IFM have talked about this issue and always given the same answer. I'm not sure on the current IFM's stance. But the way Yakuza operates in USA is basically a legitimate front. They are mostly into porn and real estate and no they are not going around day to day sitting at those businesses. They invest money from Japan in USA to wash it or simply hide their money from the Japanese government. They play with big money in USA, for example the Riviera Country Club (GWC in gta 5) Was bought by Japanese owners who are linked with the Yakuza in Japan. Rping a Yakuza in USA would mean 1-3 guys that are investing money for the Yakuza in Japan, buying businesses etc. They do not commit your regular crime they do not go around the streets with fancy suits and full body tattoos selling 50 grams of meth to a local gang banger in Compton. What was mentioned above in the comments, your rp of laundering money for the Yakuza in Japan, or shipping things back to Japan would not yield you profit or create revenue, it would be "fake" rp. The only part that you could really do is rp investing money into a business and run it. That's it, but that would require you to already have considerable assets to portray that. If somebody actually wanted to do the realistic portrayal probably no one would have an issue with it because all you would be doing is rping civilians. But the sad truth is that people want to roleplay fancy suits, blacked out v12's and full boddy tattoos with finger cutting and the whole intiation ceremonies alongside racing riced out elegies.
  3. I always had the idea that "JDM" vehicles should be locked behind importers. There could be a lot of roleplay for actual vehicle dealerships or car shops to do what those shops do in real life and that is roleplay importing those cars from overseas I'm sure it wouldn't be a lot of scriptwork to introduce ability for owners of a business to be able to purchase a vehicle which then would be on a cool down for lets say a week before it becomes available, it would require roleplay and while it's hopeful doesn't mean we shouldn't try. I think restricting future "JDM" vehicle sales that wouldn't really be available to just buy readily in USA should definitively be locked behind some sort of importing/dealership business that is ran by players.
  4. Best faction video to this day, unfortunate to see the longest faction on the server close defintively one of the best Sureno factions GTAW has seen.
  5. It should be removed, no question about it.
  6. Updated with the correct info.
  7. [4SALE] Eclipse Towers - Floor 21 - Room 2 Starting price - $800,000 Buyout - $1,050,000 Pictures of the property (( MP & Furniture value )) Contacts and information For viewings please contact - 81328020 Or email at [email protected] (forum pm) Any offers of trades, vehicles offered as part payment will be immediately denied.
  8. I honestly agree with this a lot, personally I see the 4k as a horrible thing. It basically made the Los Santos hourly minimum wage 4k. If you were to look at IMEX for example This is a RP position and not a scripted one, yet they can only pay 7k a week to this person, I can't speak on their behalf but this type of job could probably be anywhere from 2 hours to 10-20 hours a week as an example. Now why would any new player that comes to the server choose to RP an Accountant which definitively takes more effort to be done correctly than a 24/7 Clerk or a Trucker where they can make 4-5k an hour. Money should never be the focus that's true, but you will never have someone do anything for free. You will never find a criminal that would set up a criminal scheme spend tens to hundreds of hours executing it and be ok with not getting any reward. If we are trying to be realistic, everyone wants to make money nobody wants to do something for free. By giving new players access to scripted jobs such as 24/7's, gas stations and other similar jobs and paying them 4k an hour we simply remove any incentives to seek RP jobs because the business economy is designed on 4k an hour and nobody wants to work for less. Everyone likes to throw the phrase "I prefer rp over money" While there always will be a few that fit the description but usually they already have millions in their bank accounts and already "made it" and they have no reason to keep on making money or like mentioned before they will be short term characters with really good roleplay that lasts for a month or two and they move on, to something else. It's in human nature to seek reward for their work and I don't believe that mentality will ever change, nobody here would work at a job in real life for free so shouldn't expect people to spend their time at RP jobs doing them for free either. Currently the business system is designed on the 4k an hour script payment, most "outside the box" business ideas simply don't have the ability to earn enough money to be able to exist because they do not fit the 4k an hour script criteria.
  9. So I will give my two cents on this, as I've had experience while with a small community but in the past we definitively had one within W/S Armenian Power. The real issue is that people think that they need to be part of a faction to roleplay around them or be part of the "community" Which couldn't be further from the truth. You can simply make a character and roleplay in that area, now people say such things "oh my characters gets robbed by this gang so on and that I don't want to rp around gangs" While this issue certainly exists but in most cases gangs will not bother local people, and just because they are criminals and you are a civilian it does not mean that you have to be a criminal yourself and interact with them. I will give an example of Vespucci currently, while it had some issues recently it has improved a lot while the core of Vespucci "community" is currently gangs but in general if you don't act like an idiot being a "Vespucci Local" you won't have any issue with either Hispanics or White gang rpers. People should be roleplaying around gangs more if they want a "community" There is a huge misconception that you have to be a criminal to be around those factions that's wrong. Nobody will force you to do things that you don't want, if factions that you roleplay around are doing some unrealistic things then simply faction report them. If you are unsure about things you should also reach out to faction leaders and simply ask questions "hey i want to rp around this area/faction but I don't want to be a criminal" and they will help you with ideas or pointers, because from leading factions myself and being part of factions I know that most factions are more than happy to have civilians around them as long as you are willing to match their standards in roleplay they will rp with you. Actual communities would be more present if people would simply start roleplaying around factions of their choosing without actually joining them, especially gangs. IRL there are a lot of civilians around gangs because of their street presence, gang members brush shoulders with locals all the time because they are location based. Weather it's Armenian, Hispanic, White, Black or Asian there are many good factions to choose from where you could start a civilian character and simply rp around those people without getting involved in crime. Knowing a criminal does not make you one, hanging out with a criminal does not make you one either, people need to get over this barrier.
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