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  1. I honestly agree with this a lot, personally I see the 4k as a horrible thing. It basically made the Los Santos hourly minimum wage 4k. If you were to look at IMEX for example This is a RP position and not a scripted one, yet they can only pay 7k a week to this person, I can't speak on their behalf but this type of job could probably be anywhere from 2 hours to 10-20 hours a week as an example. Now why would any new player that comes to the server choose to RP an Accountant which definitively takes more effort to be done correctly than a 24/7 Clerk or a Trucker where they can ma
  2. So I will give my two cents on this, as I've had experience while with a small community but in the past we definitively had one within W/S Armenian Power. The real issue is that people think that they need to be part of a faction to roleplay around them or be part of the "community" Which couldn't be further from the truth. You can simply make a character and roleplay in that area, now people say such things "oh my characters gets robbed by this gang so on and that I don't want to rp around gangs" While this issue certainly exists but in most cases gangs will not bother local people, and j
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