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  1. Yikes, why is it okay to have 129,285 gang sets in the same place doing the same stale illegal RP? But the idea to start a legal faction is frowned upon? It is something different and brings in new types of roleplay that people might find very enjoyable. ALSO to add, many factions are starting to pop up in the /dessert/ and more civilians are starting to roleplay there as-well, there server is growing more and more everyday and I don't see why this couldn't be a thing if people wanted to put there time into it. This is a roleplay server, we should be roleplaying.
  2. I have an actual /house/ on Roy Lowenstein BLVD if you are interested I would trade for this and some cash on top from you.
  3. I agree with this. The other day all of the prisoners got rounded up together and we all made lunch with TEAMWORK, All though there was some beef we all pulled together without being at each others throats and had a wholesome moment, it was probably some of the most fun I had in RP in a while.
  4. Satanic Chicken


    I'll give you a Dubsta Sport and $85,000... we can probably shake hands/high five
  5. The yellow Kawaii also has custom parts
  6. I am looking to sell my two Kawaii's, they have performance and some security mods. I am looking to get $95,000 for one Kawaii but if you bought both of them I might be willing to do a deal for $180,000 Call or SMS 241-6755 to purchase or view.
  7. I am selling my Annis Kawaii's and Dinka Kanjo -- might also sell you my Elegy Retro for the correct price.
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