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  1. You can always map a village and delete the objects related to plantations and role-play that there is another type of plantation (e.g. cotton). That's what roleplay is based on, interpretation.
  2. An area (such as Cayo Perico, for example) that is controlled by a government totally unrelated to that of Los Santos. This would give a lot of play to the civilian role and in roles of diplomacy, political asylum, etc. (not everything is to have a militia and to give shots). I would also like to see a Mexican community or a realistic cartel.
  3. DEDICATE MY DONATION Leave us a message of hope with your donation. Username: Comment: Donation Amount:
  4. Become Volunteer Your Support Save Lives! The orphan pets and programs at Hope for Animals need your support now more than ever amid the current situation. As an essential, life-saving service, the Center continues its transfers of orphan pets from overburdened shelters and rescues. Your donation will go a long way in making sure we can continue our mission of people helping animals and animals helping people. Are you donating on behalf of a loved one? Donate now. (( /banktransfer (amount) Porfirio Sandoval )) Email: [email protected] Phone: 76253618 OOC Information
  5. Short description: Enable a command that can only be used on a ship to communicate with the port authority and between other ships Detailed description: The command would work the same as the current /atc (Air Traffic Control) command but would apply to ships. Commands to add: /vhf Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It would be an interesting way to communicate between different vessels and thus enhance the offshore role. In addition to being able to contact maritime rescue, the port authority, etc. Additional information: N/A
  6. Please provide me with your phone number or contact information, thank you.
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