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  1. Would you do 35k for the Riata?
  2. I have a Sultan Classic and a Canis Kamacho if you're interested. PN:3928381
  3. Selling my cars, Canis Kamacho and Sultan Classic. Forged Internals on both cars, stage 2 engine tuning, chassis, suspension, transmission and many other upgrades. Sultan: $140.000 Kamacho: $120.000 Feel free to leave any offer down for either one or both, I'm not looking for a trade currently.
  4. I'll send you an email in about an hour if there isn't another offer
  5. If anyone is willing to offer the 285 of the previous offer you can take it, unless someone offers more in the short term of course
  6. Noted the $285,000 for now
  7. The top notch in hybrid super cars, the Imorgon brings to the market what other companies haven't dare to do, combining 4 electric motors with 137bhp each and a methanol engine, it gives you thrilling amount of performance with the best in class luxury while you drive. Overflöd continues to push the limits with each car they produce, managing to make the Imorgon get from 0 to 62 mph in less than 2.5 seconds, while also getting over 1,000km of range while you do so. An Imorgon isn't just the typical car you find around in the wild, as there are only 500 units of these world wide, this is not just a car, but a work of art only the most unique and extravagant people are able to obtain. List of upgrades: -Factory OEM Upgraded Battery Pack. -Factory OEM Upgraded öhlins adjustable front and rear suspension. -Factory OEM Upgraded carbon ceramic brakes with Brembo 6 piston calipers. -Factory OEM Upgraded Touring Package (3 Long Gear ratio, rear spoiler delete) -Factory OEM Security systems (GPS, Anti-theft, Alarms) Feel free to leave your offers down below or send me a private email with yours. Looking to trade for cooler and cheaper cars too that equal the same amount.
  8. Considering myself a car enthusiast I just can't answer this question, so many lovely cars, currently enjoying my Imorgon tho
  9. @Edward CollinsHello, yes it's still available.
  10. Hello, interested in a Beater Dukes? Completely restored and modified with great taste.
  11. Hi, tell me when you're available and you can check it out. @Rupid111
  12. Looking to sell my small apartment with one environment and one bathroom, it has everything you need for living alone or with your partner. Asking for $170.000, price negotiable.
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