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  1. I agree there should be a better way to determine the difficulty of the hotwire minigame. Maybe each vehicle should have an upgradable immobiliser like you said. However the maximum amount of wires per row should be 4 in my opinion because any more than that becomes way too difficult. Combinations with 4 wires per row: 24 Combinations with 5 wires per row: 120 I can't really give feedback for anything else because I am not active in game.
  2. I agree, I was thinking about it when I was writing the code but I forgot to deal with it. I'll ask for some opinions from staff.
  3. I've seen a similar feature in the past and while it was an awesome way to earn money it also attracted too many players and also it's weird to see people sell vehicles at the same time and place as you. Maybe with a more sophisticated system I will support this but I don't like it as simple as that.
  4. I can't really comment on the prices since I am not active in game. You can check the lock level with /vlocktype. You can't check the alarm type from outside for obvious reasons. I don't think locks and alarms are that confusing as separate features. This distinction offers more control and they can also be used in properties in the future. We are open for changes but we're going to need more feedback and time.
  5. Feature Showcase: Weed Farming Commands - /plant Plant a seed on your location. - /harvest Harvest your rewards from the plant. - /takeplant Destroys the plant before it's fully grown. - /feedplant Spill a water bottle on the plant. - /weedstatus Displays various details about the plant. Requirements In order to grow weed you need a certain amount of the following components, a light source and you also need to feed the plant when it says so in /weedstatus. - Seed - Cottonseed Meal - Phosphate - Wood Ash - Limestone - Kelp Meal - Water Bottles Weed Stages Weed needs to through three growth stages. This can help you see the growth progress. At the last stage, weed can be harvested. Skills Every player has a few skills that affect the weed growth time and the amount of rewards given during /harvest. You improve these skills by planting and harvesting up to a certain point. As a result, some players are more efficient at growing and harvesting weed than others.
  6. I agree that if someone causes a criminal activity they should be ready to stay online for some time after the event. However, I think the time you should stay online for should be about 45 minutes, maybe 60, at most (excluding client downtime). There should also be a way to "pause" an RP just in case something unexpected happens in real life but this should happen carefully because it can be abused and it's uncool to start organising an RP OOCly.
  7. I think it was suggested here. I support the suggestion but it should be limited to tactical forces in my opinion because rappelling is not as easy to perform as it sounds.
  8. Welcome and congratulations. These changes sound very professional.
  9. NickTaSpy

    Remove nametags

    I am interested to see the outcome of removing nametags but I am not supporting it. I agree with many points mentioned above from other people against the idea. I just think it will create lots of trouble for little in return and I don't care about how unrealistic it is to have text above everyone's head because I believe it reaches the limits of the realism/fun balance. What I would prefer instead is to reduce the nametag view distance a lot and also to size them down. The latter is probably not possible yet. About the view distance, if you are uncertain about someone's identity you'd then have to go really close (2,5m?) to them to recognize them which is still a good adjustment in my opinion.
  10. It could be something discreet like this: I am not against the idea as long as it's optional.
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