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  1. What a brilliant guide, I see a lot of effort was put into this. Good work!
  2. I'm already selling the Willard, with turbo for below stock dealership price. I'm afraid I won't be going lower than my starting bids.
  3. [FOR SALE]: Karin Sultan turbocharged. Starting bid at $45,000 -------------------- [FOR SALE]: Willard Faction turbocharged. Starting bid at $20,000
  4. Thought I'd throw together some novice looking screens showing general police duties, because why not? Some background, dude sped through a set of intersections and started speeding after clocking me putting on my sirens to pull him over. Nobody was available to aid in the pursuit so I was running a solo mission. I may start a series depending on how much traction this post gets, so lets get into it!
  5. Good shit today, was fun chasing you guys for the 2 seconds before I got capped!
  6. During the server restart I was customising and when I logged back in I was given some generic character model with none of my changes saved. I know there's a lot of things that are going to take priority over this issue at the minute but if able could my character be reset? Huge thanks in advance. IG name: Logan_Yasuko
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