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  1. I had this problem, anything Xbox related esp Xbox Identity Provider was my issue. Must be closed via processes every single time.
  2. It's giving very much every donator in a Bullet vibes.
  3. Yep, played for a week on the exact same computer and it made me want to get a proper gaming laptop.
  4. I actually spent my first week back playing with a 15' Macbook Pro from 2018, with i7 and intel graphics.. Lets just say it worked -well enough- to be on and communicate, but not well enough to where I considered it playing long term, so I bought a laptop that's more built for the requirements of running GTAW smoothly. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's a good backup if your main PC ever fails or something. I used Parallels Desktop, and it works as if it's a Windows computer, very neat. If you're playing the steam version I've found that on either one of the computers, you have to close Steam via the task manager.
  5. Climate needs to be sectored, "Coast, Desert, City" Coast: Generally cooler than the rest. Desert: Can be up to 30 degrees hotter than the city. City: Downtown LS and surrounding areas, Rockford Hills, Vinewood, Mirror Park, etc.
  6. Getting kidnapped walking outside of your house in a luxury community.
  7. Supporting. The little things like this are what enhance roleplay for more situations to occur.
  8. come back I'm back

  9. I downgraded my rig to Windows 7 to be able to play SAMP without the lagging, that works. I still haven't found a way to get back on to GTA5. I've had firewalls disabled, and tried basically everything in this thread.
  10. 15 days and still no fix?
  11. I've disabled all the anti-viruses I have on the computer.
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