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  1. mushi


    Interested in Double T, #: 1716909 Name: Wei-Li
  2. Email me your phone number & timing you are available.
  3. Pot-Heads Seafood Restaurant Pot-Heads is a seafood restaurant located in the heart of Los Santos, Vespucci. The thing which makes Pot-Heads special is the area, the beach is just a few blocks away from its location. Pot-Heads Seafood Restaurant is perfectly designed for a luxurious restaurant, it has a high-standard kitchen and a bar, it consists of nine seating spaces and is quite spacious. Starting price: $250,000 Bid Increase: $25,000 Buyout price: $700,000 Contact via 7786 or e-mail.((Forum PM))
  4. Market Price $140,000 Furniture Price $74,403 ((PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/KkGEgV9 )) Starting Bid $250,000 Buyout $350,000 Minimum Bid Raise $10,000 Contact Details Phone: 7786 Facebrowser: Freya Hill (https://face.gta.world/freya) Email: [email protected] (Forum PM)
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