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  1. No because: 1) It isn't an actual auction and you aren't paying any expense for putting it there. There is no auctioneer or website getting a piece of your assets. 2) Bids are withdrawn for valid reasons. A person may not want to move there anymore. They may come to find out that the pictures that were taken were misleading. A myriad of reasons. The housing market is already ridden with greed and people price gouging their properties don't need more money.
  2. People do use the mountain bikes though for what you said o.o. The fact just is it don't make sense to use them for just commutting around the city when the tread isn't made for that. It's like buying a 4x4 truck with a 3" lift kit and mud bogging tires then you only use it to run errands. It don't make much sense either for kids in the ghetto to be using racing bikes either which are supposed to be cream of the crop. The bmx is essentially a catch all for all normal bikes. The cruiser is literally good at nothing therefore no one wants it unless they liked the look of it. If there were more normal looking bikes that weren't a mountain bike or racing bike you would see people buy those more. But yeah you're right, they're not underrated. They'd be used more also if it was easier to RP on them rather than tap tap tap then RP in bursts. OT: I like the Raider truck. It's pretty nice functionally and the bug with extras that all trucks have isn't as apparent on it cause they're only minor tweaks so they still look natural. The downside to it is ofc two seats but it visually has four. If all the nice coupe cars/trucks that actually got four seats got scripted to support those it'd be way more common for sure since it's not too over the top.
  3. People that max zoom cameras to have eagle vision are idiots. I see both cops and criminals abuse this and I lose brain cells everytime. Huge p2w mentality. I'm surprised nothing is done about that considering it's abused fairly often.
  4. Bring them back. Bandaid fixing problems by removing clothes doesn't address poor character portrayals. The only clothes that should be blacklisted are ones that cause balance issues and should still be attainable with special permission. Ex: An approved illegal scheme being a reason to be allowed limited time use of a uniform. t. has never worn cat ears.
  5. I don't mind the guns on FB and so on. The unimmersive thing on there is usually people act OOC on it, like they are edgy teenagers on a discord. Which would be fine if they were RPing those in game but usually not the case, its just poor portrayal on the part of a lot of those people. Add on if you don't use Menyoo that gets taken IC too which is weird. I can say I'm not at all sad about seeing some posts go from people wearing g strings and big tit mods that change the clothes textures to the point the nipples are barely covered and the shirt looks like a raggedy used dish rag.
  6. those masks predate covid and they can also be rp'd as dust masks anyways. nothing wrong here. people could say those responses before covid as well. I wouldn't even call it a meta considering it's not even common.
  7. The issue isn't case by case denials 100%. It's forcing an admin to intervene which is making the situation go toward escalating or forcing a wait. Wait times are horrible a lot of the time and there is zero communication whatsoever from staff's end. There is no queue number that players can see. There are no progress updates saying 'hey we're looking into it and will get back to you'. The necessity of having to get an admin involved just to void does not encourage people to resolve things themselves. Overall it's bad customer service and considering how server features are heavily tied into paying for a service (furniture/businesses) to be on the same playing field as other players... That is horrible. That's my perspective working a CS job. End result is even if both players are wanting to void, they are still potentially waiting anywhere from 1 minute to twenty minutes and upwards to never getting a response. It would be like at my job if I absolutely had to get a supervisor to clear every single situation I handle instead of just fixing it with the person. The way things are now just ups queue times and makes existing problems worse. The messed up thing is a lot of these issues are easily fixable.
  8. There is because this server has a silly rule of where players can't void situations amongst themselves. Thus limiting what players can do and can't do because they can be punished for it. So, the server administration is making it go that direction by forcing an escalation.
  9. If both parties agree to void an rp it should be fine. The server rule about voiding is silly. Fact is sometimes shit happens and mature players are perfectly capable of resolving things themselves.
  10. I'd like a mix of residential/business for the Davis mall area instead. Mirror park houses being finished should be just like just all the other houses that are pending construction. Both are not absolutely needed though because the bigger problem is there's not enough houses in the county and a lot of what there is are run down dumps that're overpriced by the greedy.
  11. I feel this would be unbalanced. Instead, businesses that want to diversify could be setting up receiving from other businesses. It discourages an aspect of RP that is already neglected. The need to work with others. So for example, I know a club that gives lolipops to people. They get some occasional shipping of said lolipops from a candy shop, fairly niche business. If the club could just outright set up a candy shop in their night club it isn't encouraging anyone to visit the niche business they're instead going to be encouraged to visit. You can argue it is a different atmosphere but at the end of the day, it is very clear what types of businesses flourish on the server. A dealership selling food isn't needed, they could just do catering with another group. With that being said, catering itself needs more scripted support. In the past I've seen/had to do that in advance. Point being though, I don't feel like giving businesses less reason to go outside of their circle as a good thing.
  12. Not all of it is on the players themselves. A issue is faction leaders forcing that mindset that people only join gangs young and that they shouldnt be aging up past 18 or their early 20s. Add on when the gang has been around a long time and the leader is still early mid twenties forever.
  13. I agree 100%. I don't mind announcing you are gonna go IG and stuff like that or posting community events but what I tend to notice is the same thing I noticed before in the GTAW main discord. I do mind it though when its clearly to get some sort of profit or get help with -hostile- rp without specifically saying. Also I've come to notice in general factions, staff teams, etc. attract manipulative people and that above all has made me not like to RP anymore. Something I've also come to notice is factions forcing you to spill your entire character background to them OOC. I don't like that either because half the fun in me to RP personally is learning people's stories through talking to them. When you remove the mystery of people ultimately they become less interesting and intentionally or not, people are gonna make judgements on those people. I find it odd on that these things aren't even restricted to leadership roles. At least then it would be a bit of a QC. It makes zero sense for every person on the discord to see your background and other info. Faction leaders could do much more in tackling this. The last bit is simply a matter of removing that or fixing permissions.
  14. And letting people inflate businesses and houses to the moon doesn't?
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