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  1. Hello, I'm auctioning this Pegassi Bati 801. Improvements: Engine . Breaks. Transmission. Xenon lights. Market price: $114.000 Starting bid: $80.000 Minimum bid increment: $5.000 Buyout: $130.000
  2. +10. Extorting is not bad. But I wasn't aware of the way, Who extorts by burning down a building in 2020 in California? How does that benefit you?, You're gonna wait a rebuild to extort the next one? Kill all the owners? If you're a gang, steal him every day, make every day hell for him. If you're mafia, negotiate with his supplier or cut him off, create labor unions to put pressure on certain industries, propose a partnership or a loan, I don't know, try to be more creative and sophisticated.
  3. Quite predictable, hinder the gambling script, lot of low quality /me & constant flood. So far I've seen everyone Rping something around the table. We're good like this.
  4. Sounds like you're forcing people at the table to talk with you because you're bored. I'd rather recommend it IG through an automatic response after /jointable, and let the community be responsible for promoting this in the game, for example by talking about someone else's game or demonstrating your actions with cards.
  5. Debate a rework on Metallurgist Job, and then let the stores sell knives.
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