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  1. there is no point to being old on this server.
  2. so what ur sayin is that we need a Davis HBCU school
  3. this argument is based on 1. text RP being popular enough in streaming to gain outside traction from people who don't already interact with RP circles 2. the streamer being popular enough to gain enough of a following that would elicit "national news coverage" or even "mainstream" game journalist coverage 3. that the people watching have an inability to see that the person doing this is clearly breaking rules or doing it to be edgy 4. that the streamer would have to get a gun in the first place and start shooting at this specific spot, and keep reminding his audience that it's a high school since he'd just be shooting a bunch of adult GTAO models anyways there's gonna be stupid people like with any new RP idea or idea they don't like and people trying to bend the rules, but arguing to shut down a potential avenue of roleplay on the off-chance that a streamer MIGHT stream themselves shooting up a high school and MIGHT have enough viewers that MIGHT get it news coverage is silly - the actual biggest issue with running the school would be scheduling and maintaining consistent activity with it, since unlike universities, high school requires some form of mandatory attendance.
  4. Sins of Our Fathers Having some downtime after crushing the kingpins of the infamous Horny's Dollar Menu Smuggling Ring and snapping his broom girlfriend's back - her whereabouts unknown - Fulacci decides to go underwater near the coast of San Andreas in order to find the lost treasure of Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton, so he can fund his next spree of crimes against the people of Los Santos and Stab City.
  5. It's the true element of surprise. Quote from Llacci himself. xD
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