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  1. How can GTA:W be realistic when its social media Facebrowser is full of fake pics decorated in Menyoo, while in the game world they look like a regular Betty. RP Wise: Yes, unless you come across a muscle man wearing a vest and tattoos all over.
  2. I rarely used to ever use /ex but this thread has inspired me to use it more for the giggles 🥰
  3. Fantasy'ish descriptions like the above should be a rule and be punishable (not that harsh though) imo.
  4. Yeah but majority of the people in the server are millionaires so the bill would be peanuts for them. 😛
  5. Escorts keep advertising themselves with flashy slogans, which is similar to "looking for work" since they wont get paid unless someone hires them, but oh well that's fine...
  6. Not sure how this is going to help when admins/management are trying their best in diminishing poor portrayal of robberies (and they are doing a good job at that). As it is there's very few 24/7s open now (which is a shame), and if you bring this rule up then the ones that open will also disappear. The following will be the pattern.. Bar - Let's go to have a drink. Clubs - Let's go dance and party. 24/7 - Let's go to rob.
  7. Realistically its not possible for admins to monitor each and every player and what they do in the server. I guess its up to the character/person to buy properties according to their status, but then there's nothing wrong in buying properties in hostile areas even if they have nothing to do with crime, even if it is for flipping or renting out.
  8. Going off-topic for a second here: Can we get a "LOL" react to this forum plzzz. Topic: "she would lighten up every room she walks into, PEOPLE WOULD STOP AND STARE" LOL. That's hella cringe but then funny at the same time too, not sure if that person is trolling which a few people do in the server portraying their "chArActEr dEvElOpmEnt".
  9. While its a good idea for the "city", people will be RP around it for a few days and then it's back to the usual where it won't be used at all. Just like a new game comes out there's a craze for it for a few days and then it dies out. Positive point: At least I won't have to pay a ridiculous amount to get to the other part of the city for literally little to no RP involved in case I am stranded. Hah, That's the only time when it will be used conveniently.
  10. Hey, I just revived on of my old character which was last used around 2020. I saw the vehicle prices have changed a lot and there's a few vehicles which I want to sell. Is there any rule for referencing the old price as the base price or I can sell it according to what it costs now? It's a Mule3, not sure what it's called now. I searched around the forums but couldn't find anything.
  11. Nobody asked anyone to sit here and RP all day, not sure why you are taking it that way...
  12. This is another big issue, finding staff. Most wouldn't wanna do chef/cook RP since its just an RP involving yourself mostly behind the kitchen doors. IMO people working in these areas should get some kind of incentive (higher pay maybe) but then that's totally up to the owner I guess. While i agree with most of your points, there's a few I disagree with. Yes its true that its even harder to run a restaurant/niche business with shortage of staff along with r/l stuff and time-zones, however its not a showstopper. I have worked in fast food joints in one on my character and yes while it seemed hard to get more employees, its not that the business was not running at all. The number of people coming were few (which is good) so you don't really need an army of staff (this was 3 years ago though lol). Also we're talking about small scale diners/joints which can be run by the owners themselves and a couple of servers (even only one server can do), but then again its VERY hard to find them even lol. Don't get me wrong but if you open such a niche business, the owner has to show some interest in the business as well by working behind the scenes and not just rely on someone else to do the hard work for them and they just sit and collect the money. (Trust me I have come across several owners like these).
  13. You literally cannot expect any kind of county RP when all businesses that open (except night clubs/bars) are just shown a middle finger from the citizens. The server has so many scripts for creating RP but most of them are just redundant now unfortunately. 24/7 - Dead (Nobody will open it in the county also except a few) Petrol Stations RP - Dead Coffee Shops - Some try but still dead for the most part (kudos to those who try) Farming - Lol. Trucking - Dead already for some Fast food - Dream on (kudos to those who try) Even if you live there, what will you do there? RP can only happen when businesses open around you. Of course there might be a few people who are genuinely trying (like the OP is), however it gets spoiled by a few people ruining the fun for everyone. Even though this is supposed to be a "realistic world", people still login to have fun and not to deal with drama. They see drama, they just won't go to that place anymore, simple as that.
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