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  1. I was under the assumption this was always done. Didn't know it had to be requested. It is worth the effort especially with low punishment times. Would you rather lose a gun that cost you 25k? (that you spent 5 hours getting?) or take a 15 min ajail.
  2. Hundreds of million of people are losing control of their body. I refuse to believe you are just that small minded that you don't understand. No matter your opinion, your political stance, it is factual information that overturning Roe vs Wade has removed the freedom for people to have abortions. If you want to bring up the war? Your phrasing implies that more than just soliders are being killed. What can happen with Roe v Wade being unturned? More backstreet abortions, more women dying, more babies being left for dead, more pain and suffering. Any competant person with an understanding of how the world works should realise that this goes beyond just "women not having babies" and it has no ground IG. George Floyd's protests were banned, how is this any different? I also refuse to believe that you thought about your words before saying this. The main victims of this are the women, and they are already in the minority. The majority of the server are male teenagers, young adults who don't understand and don't feel the issues that the ruling has caused. If you think the majority of this server gives a fuck about anything other than themselves, you are mistaken.
  3. I agree, It's a disgusting thing going in the United States and I feel like such matter should be ignored. Yes it's a highly talked about political matter but it's one of things that goes past general political chatter, like guns as the ruling doesn't really provide much RP overall (Out of everyone who erps who RPs abortions?). Not acknowledging it doesn't change anything. Roe vs Wade was a landmark supreme court ruling that allowed Women to have abortions. Recently it was overturned, (TLDR)
  4. This would only work if clothing items became a physical item (similar to FiveM) which I would love. Gives players more opportunities to open clothing stores for different stuff.
  5. No one is denying this and I'm sure the majority of people think you're one of the most helpful admins out of loads of them. However, no. Players should not feel bad when they're having to wait 1-3 hours when they see "there are currently 21 admins online". You and the admin team chose to be an admin. You chose to take on more responsiblities, knowing your IRL life, you choose to stay despite the workload. No one is asking you to stay (but we appreciate those who do) But to put it on us and say "we don't wanna come home to do admin duties" then don't.
  6. ... /pinv? Give LSPD/LSSD access to just take the items. It's not difficult. If they do something fucked up, their LFM handler can give them a good telling off and void everything. It's not like admins are against voiding situations that legal factions spend hours+ RPing in because someone DC'ed or because they got banned for something stupid. You are creating more work because you don't trust players. Give players more autonomy. ... Yes? I do agree with this. Maybe we will have more higher quality factions that have proved they deserve this privilege. You don't trust players you give factions to. Hell, official factions should also be granted the ability to rob stores without admin approval. You're creating more work for yourself, halting and preventing RP because you don't think players who you already give a title to can be trusted to RP fairly and respectably themselves. And whos fault is this? Is it the players fault? Maybe more admins should have access to logs to be able to help? It is. Everything has to go through admins instead of letting players just get on with it.
  7. This is on LSPD/LSSD though. They have standards of RP and it takes a long time (from what I'm aware) to even partake in these situations. I highly doubt that LSPD/LSSD leadership would ever let any RP like that slide. This just kinda implies you, or the admin team, have zero faith in our legal faction management. It could even be a case of LFM admins checking through the logs making sure everyhting went well after the scene. As many others have said the admin team brought this upon themselves by the amount of bureaucrasy and hoops you have to go through.
  8. This can be scripted based on the alarm. Honestly, just like IRL alarms can go off instantly, letting LEOs know. Alarms can have tiers level 1 - 5 etc etc. Disagree, property owners will just show a P2W attitude so they dont lose. "I keep my gun in the second draw, not the first" and it'll get extremely nitpicky. If an Admins deems everything reasonable then they should get the items. (stash info comes into play too) - I feel like this is derailing though, we can use the suggestion forum for it.
  9. From what I proposed/suggested would mean the criminal won't get the items until the forum request gets accepted and the property owner can't withdraw any items. They're put into an escrow of sorts. If the admin deems the RP insufficient it wont be accepted. If chain robberies occur, it won't be accepted. Measures can be put in place so RP isn't halted. In terms of alarms and such, it means players have another money sink in terms of house security.
  10. That doesn't make sense as to why they have always taken so long to be handled then. Hell, I'd rather if we had a system where players could have full access to break into a house/apartment, when they do a command the property inventory & furniture editing freezes for the house owner and the criminals request the property items on the forums with screenshot evidence. It would take IFM admins 5 minutes to look through the screens and give them the items. As opposed to 20-30 minutes in game
  11. If admins hate break-ins why do admins have to be involved? It's clearly not something admins want to do, leaving players waiting hours and hours. This has been an on-going issue for over a year. If you don't want to do it, give players more power. Allow players to flip cars themselves, we already have fixrevive, fixloc. This isn't a big ask.
  12. Misunderstood what you meant, sorry. But I still stand by my point that if they reported for A, then you do A and not B because they asked because of who you are during peak hours.
  13. But we have avenues and bureaucrasy in place for a reason. If I put in a properrt request it'll get handled when it gets handled. Why have these systems if players can report instead?
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