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  1. I get pressed and report people for the stupidest reasons.
  2. I'm a gangsta. You can tell that cuz I drive an older black car with Benny's wheels.
  3. I record people ERPing, then I have the audacity to report them.
  4. When I find out ( OOCly of course ) that I'm being investigated by police, I just namechange and join the exact same illegal faction.
  5. People who thought it was for real: 🤡🤡🤡
  6. I'm a degenerate. Yet, I have the audacity to call others degenerates.
  7. I'm a member of an illegal faction. So of course I can ignore robbery rules and run people's pockets anywhere I want.
  8. I'm a tough, cold, ruthless gangsta. So of course when someone looks at me wrong, I can just ignore escalation and DM rules and put them in a forever box. Cause you know...I'm a tough, cold, ruthless gangsta.
  9. When I go to the mechanic shop, I buy every single mod and expect that to be ready in 5 minutes. And of course I then get pressed and tell them in /b that I have to go.
  10. I'm a minor who committed mass murder, drives his grandma's 200k Hellfire and has a weapon arsenal that will put anyone to shame. But cat ears? Nah, bruh. That's subpar RP.
  11. People who said "no" without any explanation: 🤡 It's funny how a single incident happens and they remove cat ears. But I guess most people are still stuck in the 90's and haven't left their domicile ever since. +1 from me.
  12. When I do a hit on someone, I don't need to remember their face or clothes. I just need to remember their nametag.
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