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  1. The two most common things that cause a PC to shut down completely unprompted are some sort of power supply issue (i.e., tripping over-current / over-voltage protections,) which is a big problem for a lot of certain GPUs and PSUs, even when the power draw should be fine. (See the recent issues surrounding EVGA GA PSUs and RTX 3080s.) Or, some sort of overheating problem, most generally with the CPU. So, make sure that your CPU is staying cool by monitoring its temperature, and I'd also try a different GPU or PSU to see if replacing either causes the issue to go away.
  2. Having one to two people come by a garage when it's open and actually take part in the roleplay is better than 100 that just want the vehicles modified with no care for the roleplay. You know, because then you're actually getting to roleplay, and not just write /me's or /do's that no one reads. If it's only taking ten minutes to install a new turbocharger and engine, plus change out the suspension system, then... that's just a sign that no one's really there for the roleplay, anyway, not even the mechanic. They're just trying to rush through as many orders as possible, which is a side effect of having a line of 20 people waiting on you. As for your second point, some people, myself included, would just like to roleplay the vehicle having been *bought* in a specific trim / upgrade fashion. A used car from a dealership, Craigslist, etc. Cars don't always just come bone-stock, even when bought brand new at a dealership. There are different trim levels that may even have different engines installed in them, or a 4x4 drive-train, for instance - or even as something as simple as factory dyed / tinted glass. It makes far more sense than you think to just let the cars be modified as the player wants. It's not about saving time or eliminating roleplay - rather, making the roleplay around vehicles more realistic, instead of assuming that all vehicles are bone-stock until taken to a garage to have basic changes or upgrades done - especially when a vast majority of those changes can be done at a home garage or shop. But if you buy a car on this server, you can't even change the tint level before it's purchased. It's ridiculous to then have to wait 90 minutes in a line of other people just to do something as simple as that - especially if you're just wanting to roleplay that the car looked that way when it was purchased, which makes more sense for most people. I mean, isn't it still the case that mechanics can't even accept and complete their own orders, even at garages that they work at? So they have to have one of their coworkers do the work for them? Seems kind of silly. If I was a proud mechanic, I wouldn't let anyone else touch my vehicle for any reason unless there was a problem I myself couldn't fix. For your third point, I'm sure that considerations can be made to change monetary incentives if a change was made to how garages work. I don't know what they'd be, nor do I particularly care because, you're right, it's not about the money - it's about the roleplay. Besides, people who are actually wanting the roleplay done to their vehicles are likely to want to return for other vehicles, and will probably pay a premium for good roleplay - though the best part would be the friendships made along the way. And you're right, replacing an engine isn't something just anyone can do. But, the way the script works currently doesn't even let mechanics work on their own vehicles, unless that was changed at some point. Certainly doesn't seem very realistic or roleplay-oriented to me.
  3. I feel like it's beneficial for everyone to just let people modify their own vehicles / treat them just as other script businesses. Mechanics don't like people faced with the poor roleplay of "replace everything in my vehicle to my exact specifications, and if you don't have it done in 20 minutes I'm complaining," and normal players don't like have to wait months just to find an open garage and have even basic work done to their vehicles. It's so bad, even the basic maintenance stuff can go neglected. And that, for sure, is something even the most average of people could do themselves - changing oil and checking fluid levels is not difficult, and can be done with basic equipment and a little bit of Google by someone who's never done it before, which is what can be roleplayed by treating the garages as normal script businesses. If it was made so that everyone could just use the garages as they wanted, then garages, when they opened, would generally only get people who actually want to roleplay the changes done to their vehicle. They want to be involved in making specific choices of parts, etc. This would make the roleplay quality around garages a lot better, while also removing the people who just want the work done and to get back to their actual roleplay from the picture. So, again - something needs to be done, and the answer is so obvious, I feel like, that I'm surprised nothing's been done already at this point.
  4. This isn't true. Police canines are regularly used to bite and hold people, and to assist in takedowns. The reason you might not have seen that in play is because people rarely roleplay it appropriately, and will commonly just ignore the roleplay and keep running - as well as being hard to type out quickly enough to begin with. Police canines were used to hunt people, and assist in suspect apprehension, long before they were used to sniff out drugs, firearms, accelerants... much like their previous, historical uses as hunting dogs for game. Granted, this is in regards to highly trained attack dogs that are specifically meant to track and attack people and are LFM approved, I don't know the server's view on civilian owned dogs. It certainly is not outside the realm of possibility that someone could have a trained guard dog as their pet. I don't think the rules are very specific about dogs, since they aren't really NPCs and don't really confer the usual advantages that the NPC rule seeks to eliminate.
  5. I'm sorry, but like... this "issue" is IC. It can be handled entirely ICly, as there are means to do so. If someone's sitting in jail awaiting arraignment, or hasn't been arraigned, then... get a lawyer, get them to file habeas corpus. Once the judge determines that cause exists for the detention, then, well... tough titty, keep waiting. The LEO RPers in this server will mostly do what their character needs to do to secure convictions. If an interrogation is required, then, it will be done. But literally the vast majority of crimes on this server do not need any sort of interrogation, nor are most of the characters worth interrogating. This also applies IRL - as arrests are commonly done without a full-on, in-station interrogation unless Officers feel like there's more evidence to be gained from talking to the person, or if they feel they want a confession - though both of those largely rely on the crime actually being serious enough to event warrant investigation.
  6. Eh, feel it's a bit of a stretch to call Davis its own city in GTA:W's lore. It doesn't have a municipal government, nor any municipal ordinances. I think it's more accurate to say that Davis was annexed by Los Santos until something in that regard changes. As for the rest of your points, I do think it's important for people who live in Davis, or any other district in the city, to understand what it is, and what it isn't. But, as I said above, Davis is in South Central LS, and given its lack of municipal standing currently, there's nothing to really distinguish it from its neighboring districts.
  7. The bigger offense are the ULSA college sports. Playing football in Spring will never stop being dumb, since the only reason it ever happened in the real world was because of COVID, and UCLA didn't take part in it...
  8. Just roleplay installing it (which is super simple to do. Most use the round 12V ports in cars for power) keep a screenshot of this roleplay, and use that to prove to an admin / another party that you aren't making the dashcam up on the spot for convenience when it's needed.
  9. "I, too, think car insurance is unrealistic." - Guy who owns Pariah, 2021
  10. I work on alarm systems in a second-hand nature IRL, as a communications worker. Used to be first-hand, as the company I worked for previously offered its own home management / alarm system. You'd be surprised the houses that I've been in that would subscribe to these services. The services usually aren't very expensive, and depending on who's providing it, installation isn't very expensive either. Though, there were definitely no crack dens. Even still, I do think people need to think more about what sort of alarm they have in their characters homes. Or if they need one at all.
  11. There's two big issues I have with the protests / riots I've been apart of. One, the protesters themselves are generally insincere and don't actually care about anything / have a message to bring. They are almost always career criminals. Most of them are quite literally just there to cause violence / disruption, with no actual motive. This is the rule, rather than the exception that it is IRL at very similar events. As such, I feel like these roleplay protests / riots trivialize actual, important IRL issues such as police misuse of force and racial discrimination by misrepresenting the type of people that would actually be out protesting against police misuse of force. That is more of a pet peeve of mine rather than an actual, actionable complaint that admins will care about. The second thing, is that even on 1.1 these events are extremely laggy and stenuous on the server / game, and character models, vehicles, and even the environment will start to disappear when too many players clump together like that. Really makes the whole thing not as fun / interesting, as a good chunk of people there can't even properly see what's going on.
  12. It's not a bad solution. Prevents admins from being bogged down by reports of yet another BF-400 sailing over ramps, curbs, and mountains as if they're nothing, while also handling like a street bike on paved roads. If you can't have fun with a BF-400 because it isn't a God-tier, be all, end all solution to getting away from problems, then I don't think the bike change is what needs to be changed - it's your attitude.
  13. This is going way out of hand, but, to return to the actual, original suggestion... just... no. The current ALPR system already barely works as intended, and when it does, it only scans vehicles directly in front of the police vehicle, which isn't really that broken, and is, if anything, a little unrealistic to how the actual cameras work. It also takes about five seconds to return a result, anyway. The suggestion here doesn't really add or remove anything from the system that'd be a worthwhile change.
  14. We got Water & Power but they don't really seem to do very much of a municipality utility company's day to day work. Checking water and power meters as houses, connecting and disconnecting service, line maintenance, etc. I wanna see a bucket truck and ladders in use!
  15. That's a valid argument, except for the fact that they're breaking the prescribed rules of continuity for our fictional world, making it hard for people who want to interact with that roleplay to do so. I'd love to roleplay a college athlete. But even a glance at the effort that went into ensuring USLA's approach was accurate and continuitous makes it not fun. As I've said before, anyone with an inkling of knowledge of college sports will have essentially zero ability to reconcile how ULSA does things with the continuity rules, and with how they're really done.
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