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  1. Because it's insanely easy to land headshots in GTA V. Way too easy to allow them to be instant downs. The current system of needing, on average, two to down someone is fine... Back onto the actual suggestion, yes, the headshot thing needs to be codified ASAP. It's one of the more common things I come across in roleplay that people still argue about, because they've all heard different things.
  2. I will mention it was also already tried, at least in PD. This was, of course, before we had the CAD. And it really served no purpose, nor was it fun for the people who had to endure it. The radios in-game already have an unlimited range - there's no need for a central dispatch, when every person with one can hear clearly what's being said, whether in a vehicle or on-foot. To be frank, no matter how fast someone could type, it would make 911 calls simply not an option in the middle of an active roleplay scene, anyway.
  3. An Officer asking you to confess in the back of a police car is unrealistic how? There's nothing in law that precludes confessions from being sought, especially once someone has been read their Miranda Rights - which, if an Officer part of the LSPD is following their policies, should be done irrespective of questioning the suspect. And like DLimit said, an Officer is allowed to lie - even to seek confessions. As for the assault question, even in real life that would be a decision best made in court depending on the severity of the assault / battery. There's not a lot of probable ca
  4. FD's come a long way from the 30 minute scenes that were, really, roadside surgeries. At this point, I don't think there's any issues with their urgency. They have been taught well over the past year or so. There's still some issues, but certain things just can't be perfect on text roleplay servers like ours. Gotta cut some slack.
  5. I'd like to see more things done on illegal enterprises: especially drugs. I also think it'd be nice to see changes made to the script to better facilitate certain crimes. The lockpicking script was cool. But it wasn't really a big change. I really want to see a way for illegal roleplayers to circumvent all of the stalling and foot dragging I see happen during robberies. I think that'd make doing them much more interesting and less frustrating for the perpetrators. Perhaps the biggest and best thing that could happen for illegal RPers, though, is the chance to be give
  6. Helm


    really cked this man on an MVA?
  7. I don't think there's anything wrong with letting a person write how they want. It's their choice. As long as it stays third person. So, first person /do's need to go.
  8. Helm

    Relationship RP

    Hating ERP is not a joke. ERP is a sin, and needs to be eradicated. I, the Grandmaster of the Holy Order of the Anti-ERP Crusaders, will not rest until ERP does not exist in any facet. My goal is a noble, yet difficult one. We have made some progress over the centuries, but the heresy continues to spread. Help us eradicate this global menace.
  9. Helm

    Relationship RP

    what'd you tag me fo- What the. No one should ever ERP just because it's fun. It's not fun. ERP is a sin. Quit it. Relationship RP is a necessary evil. As long as it comes close to ERP but doesn't go into ERP then that's fine.
  10. Helm

    The recent riots

    Yes, all the random mallrats joining in on the riot really made sense. /s Seriously, people who never step foot in South Central, and never have *reason* to, were showing up by the middle of the primary riot. If they had simply become observers, that'd be fine. Or maybe started their own "protest" away from the angry rioters, that'd be fine. But instead, these people, who, mind you, had no real idea of what was happening, just... Joined the rioters. I distinctly remember these random white characters trying to drive lifted trucks into one of the barricades. Numerous times.
  11. If you took even a peek at the Penal Code you'd see that fines are included as part of the sentencing for certain crimes. Depending on how the character pleas, those fines will either be issued immediately by the arresting officer on a guilty or no contest plea, or will be issued during sentencing on a not guilty plea. This is another example of a suggestion that should be made ICly to political RPers.
  12. Username: frozensooner Comment: if only she'd funded an air show at Zancudo instead. i'm sure even the Mayor could get behind that!
  13. Maybe the only problems are the ones the people who are complaining create for themselves.
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