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  1. This thread will be used to occasionally post development and / or screenshots pertaining to Roland "Jaws" Marshall.
  2. There are better ways at combatting DM. Namely, better enforcing of the actual rule, and expanding punishments for people who improperly escalate conflicts and fail to show any little bit of human emotion in their characters. I'm guessing admins are working on something on that front, because the server environment has definitely taken a nosedive for the worse. However, enforcing CKs in this manner will just not be practical, and could lead to arbitrary rulings and forced character loss even if forcing a CK would've been improper.
  3. Username: user20567 Comment: how does a professional news agency see a video like this that people would be interested in and not think "hmm, lets try to figure out what happened by using our professional contacts and the appropriate avenues of investigation, and then report on this story with the cold hard facts surrounding this video, and also maybe with some opinions or eyewitness accounts from people who were there, or otherwise have an opinion worth publishing." instead of doing any of that, these retards just post a video that clearly came from an official source at some point without any of the official documentation and included as much information about the video as can be gleaned just by fucking watching it (conveniently leaving out the part where you can clearly see that stupid bitch also had a fucking gun.) and you called the landline phone of the local police station like "hey what happened?" don't you fucking idiots have a better way to learn this stuff? what the hell is up with the journalists in this city. it's like they've never read a news article in their life. guess i better just wait to hear from NBC or CNN or something about what actually fucking happened because these dipshits at LSNN can't even conclude anything without saying "allegedly." you guys need a new editor or something holy shit. i read the news to be informed, not to learn the same fucking shit i can learn just by scrolling around on youtube
  4. You don't need experience doing any type of roleplay to understand the rules, and what is or is not against those rules. Admins in general are overwhelmed, and understaffed - not just IFM. You fix it by recruiting more admins more often. You definitely don't fix it by adding yet another bottleneck to the handling of reports and requiring an arbitrary amount of experience in a certain type of roleplay to handle reports on characters in that niche.
  5. I can't even fathom looking at the hunting script like some commercial operation, lol. There aren't any rare animals out in San Andreas that are getting poached by commercial hunters... You're definitely missing the point of the hunting script, the roleplay surrounding it, and of SAPR, if you're approaching it from the angle of hunting being a "job" or something to do for money. That's not why people go hunting in the real world, not in most places in the United States. Selling some of the meat you may get from hunting is sometimes a thing, but it's not exactly done in the name of profits. Hunting is recreational to most people. Game wardens serve to make sure that it's done ethically. Their main job is conservation - making sure that game animals aren't being wiped out by poachers (people hunting illegally without tags), and that even legal hunting isn't overwhelming the animals. If you're going to have hunting roleplay, you need to have game warden roleplay as well. Their role is central to hunting.
  6. The two most common things that cause a PC to shut down completely unprompted are some sort of power supply issue (i.e., tripping over-current / over-voltage protections,) which is a big problem for a lot of certain GPUs and PSUs, even when the power draw should be fine. (See the recent issues surrounding EVGA GA PSUs and RTX 3080s.) Or, some sort of overheating problem, most generally with the CPU. So, make sure that your CPU is staying cool by monitoring its temperature, and I'd also try a different GPU or PSU to see if replacing either causes the issue to go away.
  7. Having one to two people come by a garage when it's open and actually take part in the roleplay is better than 100 that just want the vehicles modified with no care for the roleplay. You know, because then you're actually getting to roleplay, and not just write /me's or /do's that no one reads. If it's only taking ten minutes to install a new turbocharger and engine, plus change out the suspension system, then... that's just a sign that no one's really there for the roleplay, anyway, not even the mechanic. They're just trying to rush through as many orders as possible, which is a side effect of having a line of 20 people waiting on you. As for your second point, some people, myself included, would just like to roleplay the vehicle having been *bought* in a specific trim / upgrade fashion. A used car from a dealership, Craigslist, etc. Cars don't always just come bone-stock, even when bought brand new at a dealership. There are different trim levels that may even have different engines installed in them, or a 4x4 drive-train, for instance - or even as something as simple as factory dyed / tinted glass. It makes far more sense than you think to just let the cars be modified as the player wants. It's not about saving time or eliminating roleplay - rather, making the roleplay around vehicles more realistic, instead of assuming that all vehicles are bone-stock until taken to a garage to have basic changes or upgrades done - especially when a vast majority of those changes can be done at a home garage or shop. But if you buy a car on this server, you can't even change the tint level before it's purchased. It's ridiculous to then have to wait 90 minutes in a line of other people just to do something as simple as that - especially if you're just wanting to roleplay that the car looked that way when it was purchased, which makes more sense for most people. I mean, isn't it still the case that mechanics can't even accept and complete their own orders, even at garages that they work at? So they have to have one of their coworkers do the work for them? Seems kind of silly. If I was a proud mechanic, I wouldn't let anyone else touch my vehicle for any reason unless there was a problem I myself couldn't fix. For your third point, I'm sure that considerations can be made to change monetary incentives if a change was made to how garages work. I don't know what they'd be, nor do I particularly care because, you're right, it's not about the money - it's about the roleplay. Besides, people who are actually wanting the roleplay done to their vehicles are likely to want to return for other vehicles, and will probably pay a premium for good roleplay - though the best part would be the friendships made along the way. And you're right, replacing an engine isn't something just anyone can do. But, the way the script works currently doesn't even let mechanics work on their own vehicles, unless that was changed at some point. Certainly doesn't seem very realistic or roleplay-oriented to me.
  8. I feel like it's beneficial for everyone to just let people modify their own vehicles / treat them just as other script businesses. Mechanics don't like people faced with the poor roleplay of "replace everything in my vehicle to my exact specifications, and if you don't have it done in 20 minutes I'm complaining," and normal players don't like have to wait months just to find an open garage and have even basic work done to their vehicles. It's so bad, even the basic maintenance stuff can go neglected. And that, for sure, is something even the most average of people could do themselves - changing oil and checking fluid levels is not difficult, and can be done with basic equipment and a little bit of Google by someone who's never done it before, which is what can be roleplayed by treating the garages as normal script businesses. If it was made so that everyone could just use the garages as they wanted, then garages, when they opened, would generally only get people who actually want to roleplay the changes done to their vehicle. They want to be involved in making specific choices of parts, etc. This would make the roleplay quality around garages a lot better, while also removing the people who just want the work done and to get back to their actual roleplay from the picture. So, again - something needs to be done, and the answer is so obvious, I feel like, that I'm surprised nothing's been done already at this point.
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