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  1. Awesome! Gonna see me real soon..
  2. Good names on the list, congratulations!
  3. Hit Masters a month ago on EUW, haven't played much since.
  4. Mute

    Text cutting off

    I used 1280x1024 back when I had this. Once I changed to 1980x1080 it was fixed.
  5. How? That's not possible. Your CMD is C, you can't access D in any way through C.
  6. I know about that solution bud, it's just that my GTAV directory is in D and not C, wheras CMD is in C. I don't know any other way to verify really.
  7. Can testify that it helps a lot, but fucks the looks of the game. Good thing is you can choose when to stop ruining the graphics!
  8. Not quite, it is loggable once in 10 tries or so now. However I have another issue: I get that crash often, randomly. No clue what to do. How do I verify the game data?
  9. It happens to me too when I'm on windowed mode, as soon as I launch I press ALT+ENTER and everything works fine.
  10. I recently reinstalled the game (original discs) and I can only join the server after about 20 tries. After pressing LAUNCH on GTA:MP it loads Social Club for a bit and eventually reaches this page: Any idea how I can fix this?
  11. Looks really interesting, definitely following!
  12. I've been playing this since it came out but it's getting really repetitive. Can't wait for the new maps really, or some ranked system.
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